24 March, 2008


This week I have been researching real estate in Donegal.  So far I have noticed prices are still fairly good considering the huge increase in real estate in the past 10 years.
Here are a few examples of cottage prices:
(Accurate at the time of Post)
◆Euro 125,000, $171,000
Traditional Thatched Cottage
with wood sash windows
1 bedroom
Living room
shower room

( “Sale Agreed” after the writing of this post.)
    ◆Euro 125,000 ,$171,000

    House in need of complete renovation
    on .5 acre site
    Beautiful views over Atlantic Ocean
    Only five minute walk to nearest village.
    2 bedroom
    Sitting Room
    W.C, W.B
    Ideal for renovation project
    Qualifies for an extension

    * I have not listed the locations of these homes to protect
    the privacy of the sellers. Prices and descriptions are to
    help determine the perfect location to purchase my

    A bit on County Donegal
    Province: Ulster
    County Seat: Lifford
    Population (2006): 146,956
    Donegal is in left upper part of Ireland with counties Tyrone, Leitrim,
    Londenderry, Fermanagh on its border.
    Donegal has a temperate climate influenced by the Gulf Stream.

    Summers are cool and damp, and Winters are mild and wet.
    Donegal is also in a Gaeltacht area where Irish is spoken.

      Some Info was provided by Wikipedia.com

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