21 March, 2008

Pottery Shop

(Another old post....wondering if I should bring all the old content back?)

Another day in the pottery shop. This week I am working a few extra days so that a co-worker can have some time off. This is good for my budget. I would like the extra pay to go towards savings for a mortgage down payment. However, my teenage daughter has her eyes on a new pair of eye glasses. I am thinking the kid wins.

It is snowy and cloudy again today. The weather man said it will be cold with bits of snow. Wasn’t yesterday the first day of spring? You wouldn’t know it by looking outside the shop window. I guess Mother Nature didn’t get the memo.

With the icy and cold weather coming I am curious to see what die hard customers are willing to brave the elements to buy that last piece of pottery to grace their Easter table. :)

Ha! As soon as I wrote that last line 4 customers came-in and made reference to the presentation of the Easter table. Funny how that happens. I wonder If the same thing would happen if I wrote about Ed McMahon bringing me a check for a Million dollars……hum, nothing yet.

Well, as I wait for Ed I might as well tell you about what’s new with me.

What’s new with me

I picked up a great chair. (Check out my picture on the right.) Where I live we have a day called “junking” day. On this day residents put items no longer wanted on the street. I happened to be driving by when an older woman was trying to carry a chair out of her house. I pulled over and offered to help her and asked her why she was getting rid of this lovely chair. She told me that she had had it for as long as she could remember (possibly since 1930’s ish) and wanted a new chair in its place. I asked her if I could give her a little money and have the chair. She was very pleased to give it to me and she even had her husband help me put it into my Mini. Bless his heart. I don’t know why he wasn’t helping her put the chair out in the first place, but none the less, I was glad for his help squeezing it into my minuscule car. I drove it home and now it sits in my bedroom waiting for the day it will sit in my little cottage :).

That's all for today. I am flooded with loads of devout customers and must run
and help them.

Best wishes,

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