23 May, 2008

I'm addicted

To knitting!!

I must be getting old.  Isn't knitting
for grandmothers?
(Whistlers mother not the cool grandmothers of today :)

My co-worker gave me a pattern for knitting
washcloths and now I am nuts for them.
I have knitted many a tedious and boring scarf 
but these darn wash cloths are zippy! 

I am so addicted that I take yarn to work
and knit between customers, I knit
while watching tv... Give me a hard cider
and kitting needles and turn on an old movie
and am set for the evening.
I think I need help!! I even dream of knitting
at night!  Ahhh!!   

If I could get away with bringing knitting needles on 
the plane to Ireland I would.  Maybe that is the intervention I
need.   A knitting moratorium.   No knitting while in Ireland......but
maybe I could pawn off my washcloths on my pals Pam and Angie.

I can't knit today.  I am getting ready for my daughters 16th 
birthday party.  Bummer! We will have her and a bunch of slightly 
dramatic teenagers in the house (are they all mental as teens?)
I don't know what is up with teens these days.  It seems like
they get their hormones and then they loose their minds or 
something.  Don't get me wrong, they are good kids.... just some
what silly and emotional.  Oh joy! A whole weekend full of them!
(I'm Kidding...really it is fun running around acting like a teen myself.)


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