28 September, 2008

Saturday on the bleachers

♫ Saturday
In the park
I think it was the 4th of July. ♫♩

I have been signing that song all morning.
Maybe its because I had a fabulous Saturday
with my daughter at yet another filming of
a football game or possibly it was the great
time I had helping my 80 yr old friend 
with his computer. (Remember the british
man from the flea market I mentioned?) 

Btw, I only mention he is british to differentiate 
between my american or german friends. It
is just something that everyone does here.
For instance, I am called  "the little american red head")

The game was fantastic even though our
team had their arses handed to them on a
silver platter.  

They played well....or I think they did?

I really don't know much about football.
I do know they prance around in oversized
shoulder pads trying to get the ball from the
other guy or keep it away and bring it to the
correct side of the field.
Once that is done they earn a funny little
victory jig.  I mean funny! Those oversized
shoulder pads dance around the ball! 
Ha!Ha!  I am laughing just thinking about it.

I also know there is 4 veryyy loooong quarters.
I know this because I am always staring at
the leader board wishing it to move faster.

This go around I remembered to bring
a blanket, some money for the great calorie
enriched junk food at the snack bar (frito pie
is my current fav), a good book and a camera
to take photos of my daughter filming the game.
(which is the only reason I am there!)
Next time I will add a thermos of coffee to keep
me awake.  It is really embarrassing when your
head bobs off to sleep and you almost fall off the bleachers!!

....And when I get my designated driver back, I
may even make little irish coffees in my thermos! Ha!

After the game, I checked out the flea market.
I have Nada, zero, zilch to report. 
Sadly, cups and saucers were thin on the ground. 
I guess I will have to wait until Homburg to bring
home the booty for Pam.

After that I headed off to help my friend
with his computer.  He needed some help
trying to figure out how to change the language
from German Windows 98 to English as you may have
guessed.   He also wanted to learn how
to send and receive email. We accomplished
the email, but for the life of me I couldn't
figure out how to change the language. duh!

Oh well,  I will do some research to get the
answer to that one.  We had the best time
laughing and telling each other stories
of our lives and we enjoyed a few cups
of coffee together.  

Older folks are great aren't they!
I find them so interesting.

I am hoping I will get the chance to 
introduce my daughter to my brit pal.
They is soo much our youth can learn
from their elders and I feel my daughter
has missed out on a lot of this with the
moving we have done.

Well, I must pop off!  
I hope you also had a nice weekend :)

Slán ~Kimme