01 October, 2008

Another rainy day in our village

It's just another rainy day here in my

little village.

I have my wood burning stove plus my
propane/electric heaters working over
time as I haven't turned the main heat on
in the house yet.

Baxter "The Badsters" Says "Hello!"
He is the most cuddly dog I have
ever owned with the cutest personality
.... even with his fruit bat looks.

Our house is fueled by 8,000 liters of oil.
With the current barrel prices this has
become a very expensive way to heat our
water and radiators. I remember when
I thought this was such a cost effective way
to heat the house....Gone are those days!

We currently have a little less than 4,000
liters left and hopefully we will be filling
the tanks up next month if the current prices
get better. I am just cringing at how much
this will cost and am little shocked that the
day has come when running an electric heater
would be cheaper than heating oil.

I have noticed, while making my trips threw
my village and other nearby villages, that
many chimneys have smoke coming out of
them. They must have the same oil saving
ideas we have.

I also think that people are a little apprehensive
with the current goings on in the world. I saw on
the news this morning that many people who
never used coupons before are picking up the habit.

I know that I have started making meals that feed
us for several days. For instance, I made a chili
stew yesterday and today we will roll the left
over meat and potatoes up into a whole wheat
tortilla for burritos.

What's up that last couple of days?............

Well, I knitted a little purse to put
my keys and cellphone in. I often run out the
door and find myself in need of only these
two items, but haul my big bulky purse instead.

So, I said to myself "Self, why don't you just knit
a little purse"! So I did. LOL!

I don't have the zipper on it yet, but here is a pic
of how it has turned out so far.
The strap on it is long enough to cross over my
chest or just hang next to my hip. I may also add
a faux button and hook to cute'n it up a bit.

I am also working on the cottage cozy from Pam
and a few tea cozies to sell. I will post all of these
later. I work on several items at time because of A.D.D.
But that is a subject for another day :)

As for my Irish class....♫ I'm love'n it!♩(gosh, I could
go for a nice Big Mac...hmm, wonder why?)

I have a little quiz to take and some homework due.
I would be doing that right now instead of blogging but I am
locked out my account until later.....they changed
blackboards and it doesn't recognize me yet...long
story. Oh well, there loss is your gain, right. ha!ha!
I crack myself up!

This morning I am also listening to Rte Radio 1.
They too are talking about the current credit crisis.
Hmm, what are we going to do? Gosh, I am glad
I don't have to solve the worlds problems.....but
then again, I don't think I would have gotten us into
this. All the world leaders and myself would hold
our meetings in a Teepee sitting in a circle singing
"cum bi ya" or something. LOL! Just kidding!!

Anyway peeps. I am off to see what wonders the day
holds for me.

Have a great day where ever you are!


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