24 October, 2008

My lovely walk from Hades!

On a beautiful long walk threw the woods
with my neighbor yesterday I saw so many
wonderful things...
Cows, sheep, old stones, views to die for,
and my poor little heart beating out
of my chest!

I have to admit that I haven't been walking
lately (which I love to do) and found this walk
straight up a hill to be very strenuous. That's what
I get for not taking the time for a "good old walk about"
(a phrase from down under!?)

I thought I was going to die from lack of oxygen
in my lungs and used the time to take pictures
for the blog as a good excuse to stop
and catch my breath.  What a couch potato I have 
become!  Fry me up and call me a crisp!

I Hope you enjoy the pictures :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


1000 year old Catholic church on the left and
old ruin on the right.

Woman who tried to kill me with exercise!!
Thats her saying "come on you can make it up
this little hill!" Move it!
(my response.... bite me!)

Little cows....or at-least little from a distance.

My village way back there in the white middle

I love sheep!!  Especially sheep with little
black faces :)

Sheep on the hill.  I can hear them bleat from
my back door.  First time I heard it I thought it
was someone screaming.  Made me think of
"silence of the lambs".
Now I can tune my ears into the "bleat" sound.

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