29 July, 2009

My quote for the day.... plus photo

I had written a brilliant long post about knitted socks
and cucumbers.... sadly, my internet kicked me off
and all was lost.... ah well, I guess I will be the only
one to know how brilliant it was! LOL!!!

Instead, here is a quote that means a lot to
me today. Have a nice week. hugs~kimme

"Encourage one another and build each other up."
1 Thessalonians 5:11

photo was taken on one of my walks...

23 July, 2009

Bloggy gone bye bye!

I was tinkering with my blog and lost all my information.
Bummer!!!! I was trying to get a new background and
some how went a little too far with the tinkering.

Luckily, I kept a copy of it on my home computer.....
but as I went to re-install all my old items a thought
occurred. Why go back to the old? Why not move forward
with a new look and design... New ideas, new thoughts.

Of coarse, I will keep writing about my life and all my
favorite stuff, but also add some new ideas I have had.

This should be fun!!!

I hope you like the new look :)


17 July, 2009

Great green veggie sandwich

The pop-up green house garden has
given us a bounty of veg for our lunch

I pulled a few tomatoes, a cucumber,
bell pepper and a 2 red chillies from from
my plants today.

With all that, minus the red chillies for
another dish, hubby made daughter and
myself a fantastic lunch of veggie sandwiches.

Here's how they were made.....

Long french style crusty bread cut length
wise and then cut into 6 inch subs.

One half of bread slathered with cream cheese.
Then stacked slices of cucumber, tomato halves,
peppercini (banana peppers) halves, a few sun
dried tomatoes, artichokes from a jar, red bellpepper
slices topped with leafy lettuce. Yummy!!!!

Another variation is to nix the cream cheese and add
sun dried tomato paste in its place. Or use bagels
instead of crusty bread. Very tasty too!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Oh, and the slugs have not made an appearance
today...... I am trying out all of the suggestion I have
gotten and they all seem to work! Thank you! :)

Well, I am off to finish my home work... mush! mush!!

14 July, 2009

Big fat thugs!! I mean slugs!

What's new....

I am working on my new project......
The pop-up greenhouse.

It is fabulous! I love going out there every
morning to check on my plants. It is so refreshing
out which makes it the perfect time to venture out
without the summer heat zapping the energy
out of you.

This morning I popped out in the rain to check
the plants and found an unwelcome alien looking
visitor. Fat brown slimy dog turd looking creatures
where all over my beautiful basil plants. In one night
they had managed to eat a whole basil plant and sicken
a oregano plant. Big fat thugs!!!

Slugs are an odd ugly creature. Kinda what I would
think a snail would look like without it's shell. Except
I don't think slugs have any redeeming qualities... at least
with a snail you can fry it up with some butter and eat
it if it invades your garden.

Anyway, I was a little ticked to say the least......

So on this early morning, I found myself swearing instead
of the small whispers of love I make to my growing
plants. (don't you talk to your plants?)

After all the swearing ended, I came up with a plan for those
icky bugs.... I would fling them over the fence.

Okay, so I didn't have the heart to smash them, but
I did give them my best right arm pitch. I flung them
so far that the deer at the bottom of the yard could
eat them..... and I hope that they do!! The only
good slug is a dead slug!!

It is time for a little prevention now that I know
they can get into my greenhouse. Lucky for me, I
had just popped over to my favorite blog "White O'Morn".
On Pam's blog she mentions eggs shells to detour slugs.
Thanks Pam!!!

So my friends, I am off to boil some eggs... fry some eggs,
scramble some eggs.... Whatever it takes to get loads
of eggs shells.

There will be no more slugs if I can help it!!!!
Vengeance is mine!! LOL!


Oh by the way.....
Other than the slugs..... All my little plants are thriving
and I have had added tomatoes, green chilis and bell peppers
to many of our dishes this week. What a wonderful feeling!

06 July, 2009

How about a small yurt?

I have recently popped by my friends blog (Liz Biz)
to read a post about small houses. Her pictures
and ideas got me thinking....

Maybe the solution to my problem is to buy a
property and put a small house in on it?

And when I say small, I mean small!

I was thinking small like a Yurt.

If you have never seen a yurt you
can google "yurts" or visit these
sites to see pics of yurts.

Also, a few things have come up lately....

My father is not as well as he used to be,
and as his only child I have promised
to take care of him (would do this even
if I wasn't his only child).

However, this has brought up a few
questions about where and when?

The "where" part of this is easy for us. We
have a favorite state that we have lived
in for many years in the past.

We have done some research on homes, and
find that we can live there again happily. We
have also found that we can buy a house
with a small bit of land to have a little
house for my father. He is very independent
and would do well in his own home with
supervision nearby. (as he gets older)

As for when? Don't know exactly, but definitely
in the next few years.

After speaking with my father about this,
he mentioned his dream again of owning
a yurt. A yurt is a very economical home,
studio, vacation home or office.

This just might fit the bill! Of coarse more
research is needed..... I will be spending time
in the future looking into this option.

As for the dream of Ireland?

Hmm? A yurt and some land might not be
a bad solution for a vacation home.

Land is still reasonable and yurts are too!
However, I am not sure if I can get a yurt
to Ireland. Deep thoughts!! LOL!

So again folks, the dream is not dead!

However, we have now decided that it might
not happen for many many years now.

That is okay. Dreams are great things to have.

I have enjoyed dreaming along with you all, and
I really don't mind continuing to dream a little
while longer.

I also don't mind that my dreams have taken new
new twists and turns.

I am also glad that I can add my dad and his dreams.
Along with the possibility of a lovely home,
in my favorite US state, to the mix.

Dreams are wonderful things, aren't they!

Dream a little.... you never know what might happen!


*A big thank you goes out to Sue from Okalahoma for
her supportive emails and ideas :) Snaps for Sue! LOL!

05 July, 2009

Greenhouse, sewing boxes & a deer

Finally the pics of the pop-up greenhouse!

My little green house was so easy to set-up. I just
pulled it out of the carry bag and it popped up just
like a tent. I think we had it all set up in under 10 mins!
It also comes with a shade cloth incase of too much sun.
What a neat greenhouse... don'tcha think?

I bought this great little greenhouse from a company
called "FlowerHouse". They have tons of different pop-up
style greenhouses and storage houses.

Here is the website www.flowerhouses.com

My doggie approves! I approve too! I have the greenhouse
for two days now and I love it. It is easy to set-up, easy to
clean and seems to be a good place for my veggies to grow.
I can't wait to try and grow all kinds of neat veg in different

I have 2 tomato plants, 1 cucumber, 1 red chili plan,
1 bell pepper. Herbs include: 2 Basilika (basil), chives,
Minze (red mint) and Oregano.

I look forward to hubby building a few shelves to
place my plants on. I am hoping to grow lettuce once
I have the added room. (notice the greenhouse is
on the stones? I didn't want to hurt the landlords
grass..... I have it staked down on the backside in
the grass and tied down on the back and sides...
... it's not going anywhere! LOL)

Pulled from the plants for our salad tonight....
Ah fresh veg!!!

Newest treasures. Circa 1950 sewing box I procured at
a neat little antique shop that has flee market prices.

Another circa 1950's sewing box..... Love sewing boxes!
I put them in the bathroom to hold small items and I
have one in my bedroom to hold my make-up... another
is in my sewing room.... to hold sewing stuff ofcoarse!

Sweet little deer in my backyard. I stood still so he
wouldn't see me take his photo. His baby horns are
starting to show. :)


03 July, 2009

The big pop-up greenhouse weekend!!

I haven't posted in awhile... It has been
busy with the end of school and few other

Today I feel things have finally settled.
I am back to my regular schedule of studying
and house work. After a few hours of working
on my projects for school, I will take a break
and put up a pop-up greenhouse.

Doesn't that sound fun!! LOL!!

I have always wanted to grow my own
vegetables and really haven't had a space
to do. When I saw this pop-green house I
thought that this might be a good solution.

It seems I have thing for pop-ups lately.
Just last week I bought a pop-up doggie
hut. My little doggie has to be near me
and some how ends up in my bed at night.
I don't mind this but hubby isn't keen. LOL!

So I bought him a pop-up doggie hut. I place
him in it near my bed. Works like a charm.
Everyone is happy with the situation.

Anyway, back to the pop-up greenhouse........

I don't know much about growing veg.
I have even killed a few plants in my day...
Thank goodness hubby does know all
about these things from his past life
as a garden nursery manager.

What do I have for the greenhouse so far?

1 cucumber plant with lots of yellow
flowers on it :)

2 tomato plants (hubby said I bought
dead plants, but I am keeping my fingers
crossed that they perk up)

1 small orange tree (says it is for the house?)

plus pots and dirt to repot. Hehe! I am so

Anything else I can grow in my greenhouse???

I have popped it up and spiked it down.
However, we will move it closer to the shed
to help protect from the wind.... I would hate
for my little house to get caught by the wind
and end up in the next village!

Wish me luck! I am living the veggie garden
dream..... even if it was one of my dreams for
our cottage. I have a few new thoughts on all
that. I will be sure and share them with you later.


It is 4th of July weekend!! Hurray!

I love to celebrate the 4th and I love
and miss my Country! I will celebrate
from here with friends and family
and maybe even some fireworks. :)

Hmmm, I wonder if we all can fit in
my greenhouse for some shade? LOL!

It will definitely be a grand weekend!!

Have a great one! Hugs~kimme

Pics of the greenhouse to follow later today.....
after I move it. :)