14 July, 2009

Big fat thugs!! I mean slugs!

What's new....

I am working on my new project......
The pop-up greenhouse.

It is fabulous! I love going out there every
morning to check on my plants. It is so refreshing
out which makes it the perfect time to venture out
without the summer heat zapping the energy
out of you.

This morning I popped out in the rain to check
the plants and found an unwelcome alien looking
visitor. Fat brown slimy dog turd looking creatures
where all over my beautiful basil plants. In one night
they had managed to eat a whole basil plant and sicken
a oregano plant. Big fat thugs!!!

Slugs are an odd ugly creature. Kinda what I would
think a snail would look like without it's shell. Except
I don't think slugs have any redeeming qualities... at least
with a snail you can fry it up with some butter and eat
it if it invades your garden.

Anyway, I was a little ticked to say the least......

So on this early morning, I found myself swearing instead
of the small whispers of love I make to my growing
plants. (don't you talk to your plants?)

After all the swearing ended, I came up with a plan for those
icky bugs.... I would fling them over the fence.

Okay, so I didn't have the heart to smash them, but
I did give them my best right arm pitch. I flung them
so far that the deer at the bottom of the yard could
eat them..... and I hope that they do!! The only
good slug is a dead slug!!

It is time for a little prevention now that I know
they can get into my greenhouse. Lucky for me, I
had just popped over to my favorite blog "White O'Morn".
On Pam's blog she mentions eggs shells to detour slugs.
Thanks Pam!!!

So my friends, I am off to boil some eggs... fry some eggs,
scramble some eggs.... Whatever it takes to get loads
of eggs shells.

There will be no more slugs if I can help it!!!!
Vengeance is mine!! LOL!


Oh by the way.....
Other than the slugs..... All my little plants are thriving
and I have had added tomatoes, green chilis and bell peppers
to many of our dishes this week. What a wonderful feeling!


white o'morn cottage said...

HI Kimme, break up the egg shells into tiny pieces as it cuts the monsters if they try to cross. Also use coarse builders sand to have the same effect. Slugs like beer so you can do a slug trap filled with beer and they die happy.

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Thanks Pam! Great advice...
I will give the eggs a try, then the sand and lastly the beer.


SisterDaughter said...

No need to use eggshells or beer; they will always find a way through the shells. We use empty cat food tins with anything fruity in them. A little jam in water is fine. Also make "collars" for your plants with parts of plastic bottles. They are so bad in Ireland and finally we are using slug pellets; you can get organic ones.

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Thank you SisterDaughter for your added
advice on the slugs. I am going to give them
all a try :0)