03 July, 2009

The big pop-up greenhouse weekend!!

I haven't posted in awhile... It has been
busy with the end of school and few other

Today I feel things have finally settled.
I am back to my regular schedule of studying
and house work. After a few hours of working
on my projects for school, I will take a break
and put up a pop-up greenhouse.

Doesn't that sound fun!! LOL!!

I have always wanted to grow my own
vegetables and really haven't had a space
to do. When I saw this pop-green house I
thought that this might be a good solution.

It seems I have thing for pop-ups lately.
Just last week I bought a pop-up doggie
hut. My little doggie has to be near me
and some how ends up in my bed at night.
I don't mind this but hubby isn't keen. LOL!

So I bought him a pop-up doggie hut. I place
him in it near my bed. Works like a charm.
Everyone is happy with the situation.

Anyway, back to the pop-up greenhouse........

I don't know much about growing veg.
I have even killed a few plants in my day...
Thank goodness hubby does know all
about these things from his past life
as a garden nursery manager.

What do I have for the greenhouse so far?

1 cucumber plant with lots of yellow
flowers on it :)

2 tomato plants (hubby said I bought
dead plants, but I am keeping my fingers
crossed that they perk up)

1 small orange tree (says it is for the house?)

plus pots and dirt to repot. Hehe! I am so

Anything else I can grow in my greenhouse???

I have popped it up and spiked it down.
However, we will move it closer to the shed
to help protect from the wind.... I would hate
for my little house to get caught by the wind
and end up in the next village!

Wish me luck! I am living the veggie garden
dream..... even if it was one of my dreams for
our cottage. I have a few new thoughts on all
that. I will be sure and share them with you later.


It is 4th of July weekend!! Hurray!

I love to celebrate the 4th and I love
and miss my Country! I will celebrate
from here with friends and family
and maybe even some fireworks. :)

Hmmm, I wonder if we all can fit in
my greenhouse for some shade? LOL!

It will definitely be a grand weekend!!

Have a great one! Hugs~kimme

Pics of the greenhouse to follow later today.....
after I move it. :)


Suzy In Oklahoma said...

Can't wait to hear your thoughts about the cottage! You're in my prayers!!!

Barry said...

Popup greenhouses? Wow, now you've got me interest.
Can't wait for the pics.

JapaneseKeane said...

I'm looking forward to the pics:D

Irish Cottage Dreams said...
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Irish Cottage Dreams said...

I should be taking pics today after I repot some more tomato plants.

Barry I bought the greenhouse at a store in town. However, they have a web address where you can purchase the greenhouses online. :)

It sure is a great/easy way to have
a greenhouse without all of the trouble.

Here is the web address..... www.flowerhouses.com