17 July, 2009

Great green veggie sandwich

The pop-up green house garden has
given us a bounty of veg for our lunch

I pulled a few tomatoes, a cucumber,
bell pepper and a 2 red chillies from from
my plants today.

With all that, minus the red chillies for
another dish, hubby made daughter and
myself a fantastic lunch of veggie sandwiches.

Here's how they were made.....

Long french style crusty bread cut length
wise and then cut into 6 inch subs.

One half of bread slathered with cream cheese.
Then stacked slices of cucumber, tomato halves,
peppercini (banana peppers) halves, a few sun
dried tomatoes, artichokes from a jar, red bellpepper
slices topped with leafy lettuce. Yummy!!!!

Another variation is to nix the cream cheese and add
sun dried tomato paste in its place. Or use bagels
instead of crusty bread. Very tasty too!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Oh, and the slugs have not made an appearance
today...... I am trying out all of the suggestion I have
gotten and they all seem to work! Thank you! :)

Well, I am off to finish my home work... mush! mush!!


PAWS Ireland said...


Lovely website. We live in a Thatched Cottage in County Tipperary. We also run one of Ireland's largest dog sanctuary's from here. www.paws.ie

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Thank you for your kind comments :) And for all that you do with the dog sanctuary. You truly are an angel on earth. I am off to visit your site... Thank you for stopping by mine.


white o'morn cottage said...

That sounds absolutely delish! How great to grow your own! I am going to visit Paws site too now!

SisterDaughter said...

Hi again, PAWS... Sister from Irish Animals.

Utah Grammie said...

Sounds wonderful! Do you like hummus? I had a sandwich of the veggies like you said, and roasted sweet potato slices and they used hummus as the "binder" - it was soooo good :-)

I've missed having my computer to read your lovely blog, but being home now, I can attempt to play catch-up! Missed you tonzzz!

Utah Grammie said...

Love the new look and feel of the blog! Have a great week-end :-)