05 July, 2009

Greenhouse, sewing boxes & a deer

Finally the pics of the pop-up greenhouse!

My little green house was so easy to set-up. I just
pulled it out of the carry bag and it popped up just
like a tent. I think we had it all set up in under 10 mins!
It also comes with a shade cloth incase of too much sun.
What a neat greenhouse... don'tcha think?

I bought this great little greenhouse from a company
called "FlowerHouse". They have tons of different pop-up
style greenhouses and storage houses.

Here is the website www.flowerhouses.com

My doggie approves! I approve too! I have the greenhouse
for two days now and I love it. It is easy to set-up, easy to
clean and seems to be a good place for my veggies to grow.
I can't wait to try and grow all kinds of neat veg in different

I have 2 tomato plants, 1 cucumber, 1 red chili plan,
1 bell pepper. Herbs include: 2 Basilika (basil), chives,
Minze (red mint) and Oregano.

I look forward to hubby building a few shelves to
place my plants on. I am hoping to grow lettuce once
I have the added room. (notice the greenhouse is
on the stones? I didn't want to hurt the landlords
grass..... I have it staked down on the backside in
the grass and tied down on the back and sides...
... it's not going anywhere! LOL)

Pulled from the plants for our salad tonight....
Ah fresh veg!!!

Newest treasures. Circa 1950 sewing box I procured at
a neat little antique shop that has flee market prices.

Another circa 1950's sewing box..... Love sewing boxes!
I put them in the bathroom to hold small items and I
have one in my bedroom to hold my make-up... another
is in my sewing room.... to hold sewing stuff ofcoarse!

Sweet little deer in my backyard. I stood still so he
wouldn't see me take his photo. His baby horns are
starting to show. :)


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white o'morn cottage said...

Love those sewing boxes. Angie got a great one too and I will be putting it up on her blog soon. Keep an eye out. Oh, I did not find that casssette in the cottage. Sorry.
paull is going in tomorrow to have his op, on Tues. Keep us in your thoughts on that day. Love Pam and Paul