27 August, 2009

Bananas, socks, & Cheese. Oh my!

Doesn't that title conjure up all kinds of stinky thoughts?
Cheese and socks? Stinky cheese and socks? Stinky socks?
Socks and bananas? Socks, cheese and
bananas? Rotten bananas? I'm just saying! LOL!!


I love greenish bananas. I don't care for them when they
go completely ripe. Once they start to get any brown spots
I no longer want to eat them. My throat used to itch as
a child from them. It doesn't now, but old habits are funny
aren't they?

Anyway, This is all fine as my husband loves bananas in
any form. No waste here. Good thing since all veg and fruit
seem to be getting more and more expensive...

But lately, we have been occupied with family matters.
Bad news for the bananas sitting on the counter. In
our absence these little guys have gone black with a sweet
smell. What to do with them now? As I was standing near
the window considering a hard pitch over the fence to our
make-shift compost pile a thought occurred to me.

Why not make banana bread?

My grandmother, who lately has been in my constant thoughts,
would have done exactly that.

She would have grabbed a few walnuts, some flour, a bowl
and made the most fantastic bread I know I have ever tasted.

And, Oh how I miss the smell of her kitchen. The smell of her
house for that matter. From the lavender that permeates her
lined dresser drawers. To the smell of her clothes that have come
from a closet lined with wood chips and moth balls. I always
remember things by smell. I can get a whiff of something and
it will trigger a memory. Mostly happy ones :)

The bananas didn't go to waste this day. I did a search for
a recipe and found a simple one. One that I knew would
transform my rotten fruit into something very wonderful.
A connection with someone I love and a treat for those who
love me.


(this is not my grandmother's....I didn't have all the
ingredients to make hers.... next time)

Handful of walnuts
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1 Egg
1 1/2 cup bananas
1 cup sugar
1 1/2 flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda

In Large bowl mix bananas, sugar, egg and oil. In
another bowl mix together flour, baking soda and salt.
Add dry ingredients to the wet and stir til all mixed.
Now add nuts and stir again.

Bake for around 1 hour. 350F/177c :)


Well folks, I haven't been working on my socks.
I will get back to them as soon as I can. I have read
over on Pam's blog that she is making great strides
on hers. I am so glad :) I love to knit socks and I
am so happy to read that she is loving it too!! It is
so much fun to knit them and give as a gift. Simple
pleasures rock!!!


We did open the Can O' Cheese. It was good. I guess.
I won't lie to ya. I was a tad wigged out by the look
of the cheese sitting in a brine within a can? Sounds
tasty doesn't it? LOL! It tasted almost woody.
If you have ever eaten feta it would be a similar
consistency and taste...Except, it was drier. We cubed
it up & put it on a homemade pizza. The crust was
a combination of half wheat/half white flour. Topped
with olive oil, spinach, onions, garlic and goats cheese.
Very very tasty! However, next time we will stick with
the feta. I just prefer the taste..... oh and the lack of the
can doesn't hurt. LOL!! Makes me wonder if the cheese
was doomed in my mind from the start? Maybe I
should try it sans the can? LOl!!!

Have a nice weekend ~ Kimme

17 August, 2009

For the Joy of it...

For the Joy of it......

Many things bring me joy and on many different
levels. More than I can list here, that is for sure.

Its the small things and the bigs things.... Its so
many things. Growing a plant, having a chat
with a friend, getting an unexpected kiss from my
husband or daughter.

What brings you joy?

My latest moment of Joy was finishing a few
projects that were long overdue.

I have been very bad about starting things and
putting them aside. I have many half finished projects
all over the craft room. LOL! Not to mention all those
only socks that have no match.... I have a knitting
machine upstairs that I have been trying to figure out...
Loads of "test" projects that didn't work out as planned. :)

As for the cozies below.......I had knitted the shell of these
a few months back but hadn't finished the embellishments.

I finally sat down the last couple of days and worked only on

Do you like them?

I am so pleased with them.... I hate to see them go.
But maybe they might bring Joy to someone else.

Isn't that a nice thought? I know it must sound silly.
I can't help but be so sentimental. I was born that way,
so I guess there's no reason to change now :)

Butterfly with flower tassels.
Shamrock with small shamrock tassels.
Many flowers with small butterfly :)

(all cozies are the same size... made to fit large or small teapots :)

Now that I am done with them, I will go back to the sock
competition :) I can't wait to hear how (Herself) Pam is
doing. She is such a wonderful crafter that I am sure
her socks will be lovely.

And of coarse I can't wait to finish my socks....

I am always so amazed when I am done knitting
something. Amazed that I actually created the object
at hand. I have never considered myself to be creative,
but I do get such a thrill when something turns
out nicely. :) I often think that I couldn't have possibly
created something like this or that.

Ah well.... Go Craft something! Have a fun week :)


May your day be fashioned with joy, sprinkled with dreams,
and touched by the miracles of love. (Anonymous)

15 August, 2009

Socks and watermelon

Happy summer to everyone!!!!

The friendly sock competition is coming along
In leaps and bounds.

My fellow knitter and favorite Irish friend
Pam from White O'Morn is currently at the
heel of her sock. You Go Girl!!!

I am also turning the heel of my sock.... but
not the blue sock I had been working on

I had to put the blue sock aside to knit a pair of
socks for one of my daughters favorite teachers
that has had surgery over the summer. I had
better get a move on if I want to give them to
her at the start of school!

Turning the heel on a sock for a teacher.

The watermelon purse is something I picked
up on day trip to the city with my daughter.
It is knitted and felted plus big enough
to hold a small wallet, cellphone and chapstick.

I am adding a knitted strap that I made to it
so I can string it across my body. It should
be so cute!!!

Well I am off to enjoy Potato and vegetable
curry that my husband is whipping up for
Sunday dinner..... :0)

13 August, 2009

Can of Cheese!

Say Cheeeeeeseeee!!!

My sweet 82 yr old neighbor brought over a
*gift for me. A can of goat's cheese from Turkey!
This is very thoughtful of her and very much
her way of saying she cares. For our good
neighbors food equals love and I am glad
to the be the recipient. :)

There is kinda a background story to all this....

Here's the story. We are lacto ovo vegetarians in
our home and have chosen this lifestyle for health
reasons. (Plus a few ethical reasons too) We do
eat free range eggs, cheese and fish at home.

However, we also eat the occasional meat when we
are at friends homes and restaurants. Our good
friends down the road who brought the cheese
are aware of this...

Of coarse, All this has been up for discussion a few
times with them as they feel "pork" is king.
They love to rib us about it. (shameless pun. LOL)

"What? you eat no meat? That's okay, I am making Lamb"
(from the movie "My big fat greek wedding")

For the most part, pork is a huge staple in any household
in this region of Germany. It is very hard to find many
meals on the menus that don't include pork. I don't blame
em'.... I have a weakness for bacon... bacon and eggs....
bacon, eggs and pancakes.... Yum yum!!

My neighbors are also very health conscious and do love
to share what new and exciting herbs or plants they are
eating. We have the best time discussing what remedies
they are using and why.

So when the neighbors gave us goat's cheese I wasn't
surprised. I was surprised when I saw the size of it...
and that it came in a can! Big gynormous can o' cheese!!

We should be eating this cheese for a long time! LOL!

Have a fun day!

Hope you get something unexpected today too!
Ya never know what you will find when you answer
your door.... maybe some goat's cheese as a gift. LOL!

*Btw, the word "gift" in german means poison.
So she didn't give me a "gift" she gave me
a present or Geschenk in german. Poison cheese
would be bad! LOL!

11 August, 2009

A day out in snippets

I spent the day out with my daughter. We ventured
into the big city for the day and spent several
hours walking the streets.

Our first stop was at the Bahnhof (train station) to
check for a good deal on day tickets to Paris.

They had several fares from 200euro to 359 euro on
the ICE (high speed) train. The ICE train takes under 2
hours to reach Paris from the city.

Seemed like a lot of money to me at that moment and
decided to wait for the 99 euro family specials they run
occasionally. Have always dreamed of visiting Paris...
My 90 yr old grandmother spoke French before she
spoke English and has wanted me to go and see everything
and report back to her. :)

Here is the rest of my day in snippets.... As you will
see, my mind is a cesspool of thoughts. I am forever
jumping subjects in my head..... ADD at it's best. LOL!


Contemplate wardrobe. Tennies with socks
or just sandals? Or Socks with sandals? Tennies.
Old or new ones?

DrIve to the city instead of taking the train. Got lost.

Realize why I like to take the train. Finally find my
bearings and park at the train station. Mis-understand
the parking signs and pray that I didn't park in the wrong
section. Again!

At the train station decide to book tickets for a day in Paris.

Wait in line and secretly hope I get an English speaking
cashier. I don't. Leave with no tickets but did learn a
few new words...

Leave train station to walk downtown. Got lost.
Walk 10 blocks and find the center of town. Found
2 thrift stores along the way. Fab!

Look for a place to eat. Walk 5 blocks and decide
that we should eat at the cafe we saw on the
first block. Daughter throws up her hands and laughs
"can we just eat already!"

Lunch... discuss lacto-ovo vegetarianism with daughter.
She's not convinced. I have an egg sandwich with bubbled
water. She has a ham and egg sandwich with water.

After lunch... Stop to watch the street performers.
Favorite was the man from Africa with his drums.
He spoke french and made loud, fun cat calls to us
when we dropped change in his hat placed on the ground.
Least favorite were the mimes.... they just freaked
my daughter out!

Looked for yarn shop. Got lost. Walked 2 blocks
and found it. Didn't buy any yarn. Thought about
socks I already have on needles at home and decided
to not buy any yarn until I have finished the socks.

Started pouring down rain. Dashed into a clothing shop.
Looked for a fall coat for daughter... Our excuse for coming
downtown after all.

Stopped raining.

Walked 10 block back to train station. Didn't get
a ticket for parking in wrong place. Wasn't wrong
parking after all. Lost umbrella somewhere.

Didn't get lost going home. Hurray for me!!!

This ones for Herman.....

I was re-reading my posts and came across this
one from last year. It talks of my days here and
the many wonderful people in this small village.

One person in particular was Herman. Herman
was and always will be one of my favorite people
from my village.

Sadly, Herman is no longer in our village. He was
a dependent of his niece and she could no-longer
care for him after his brothers death. Herman
and his brother looked after each other and were
best friends, but after his death Herman was
harder to care for and the niece had to place
him in a retirement home far away.

A week before Herman was gone I kept thinking
how I would like a picture of him and I together.
Of coarse this thought occurred to me as I was
heading up the street in my car and Herman was
on "his" bench waving away to me and all those
who past.

The next week Herman was no longer on his bench.
I worried every time I past it and he was not there.
After 2 weeks of not seeing him I started to ask
of his where-abouts. I was finally told by my friend
who owns the local Italian pub that he had gone
to a home.

I am hoping to find out where he is so I can visit.
I wonder though if he will recognize me If I am
not in this familiar setting.

I miss you Herman wherever you are...... This post
is for you.

A Morning in my village....... 12 August 2008

I live on a little street in a quant little town.
It is a very peaceful place to be. Not much
happens here on my street, but when it does
everyone knows about it...gossip travels fast.

The latest gossip is about the newest neighbor
moving in. No bad gossip, just the little tidbits of
information that I am sure occur on every street
when a new person joins the hood.

This morning started like all other mornings
in my village. I heard the rooster and pretended
I hadn't. He kept to his duty and continued to
sound the alarm for all lazy bums like me to get up.

I carried on sleeping, but this time I dreamt of what a
nice meal my friend the rooster would make for a
sunday supper.

Still lying in bed I began to hear church bells ring.
When the windows are left open I am greeted by this
lovely sound from the 1000 year old Catholic church
on the hill.

I can see this church from my kitchen window and love
to hear it ring it's deep sounding bells....

Once in the morning to remind you to get your day

And again at 11 a.m. to let you know that work can stop for

Then lastly at night to say the day is done and you
can go to bed.

(see the church on the hill?)

I remained in bed and let the bells lull be back to sleep.

But then I heard the sound that lets me know that I have
over slept and I will be sorry. It is the sound of the bread
van ringing its bell.

The bread van makes it way down all the little streets in
our village ringing its little bell to let you know it has arrived
on your street.

If you make it outside in time the bread van operator will
stop in front of your house and open the side doors and let you in.
Once inside you can buy pastries, milk, and other sundries.

I remember the first time I dared step outside and try the
"bread van experience".

I was a little frightened to go inside this strange man's van
and kept an eye to the door.

I thought just maybe this was a ploy to kidnap unsuspecting
"newbies" in the village and take them away from the people
who have known each-other for generations.

Of-coarse, these were thoughts of a crazy person who
had just woken up and made a mad dash down two flights
of stairs to catch the bread van.

I had been trying in vain to catch this little bread speed
demon for days.

He didn't know I was living in the old white house and would
rush past my house because he wasting looking for me to come

I did finally catch him. I woke up early and pressed
my face to front glass window and waited to hear the
bells.... Once I heard the jangle of the bells I then made
my mad dash for the front door.

Let me tell you, I have been a sight to be seen on many occasion
making the hurtle down the stairs and out the front door
in whatever I could throw on in a hurry.
(we won't mention the state of my hair!)

But this morning there would be no pastries for me. I slept
past the rooster, the church bells and the bread van. Today,
my lazy little bum would have to walk up the road to the only
shop in town if I wanted (or daughter) a pastry, milk or a croissant.

This little shop (and i mean little...size of small garage)
is called a pantry or "ladchen" and is owned by a kind middle
aged woman who doesn't speak a lick of english.
We have fun practicing our new words in each others languages
and do awhole lot of pointing to get our message across.

I relish these little days when I have slept in and will have
to make the walk up the road.

I am greeted by all the friendly neighbors wanting to say "morgan"
good morning to me and find out what is the new gossip
on my street.

I enjoy most of the people in the village, but i especially love
an older gentleman named "Herman". Herman is suppose
to be the town drunk and simple minded. He sits everyday
on the bench going up the main road and greets the walkers
and drivers going past with a friendly wave and smile.

I am not sure if he is a town drunk at all, but I do know he is so sweet,
and acts like his day has just brightened up every-time he sees me.
Who could not love someone like that!
I hardly understand a word he is trying to say to me, but I can
see in his eyes the kindness of angel and the goodwill he
spreads with his smile.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed my morning here in my
little village.

I must run for now and make the walk up the
street to the village pantry and just maybe I will "accidently"
run into the new neighbor and find out what her story is.

From there I can spread the word to all the gossips
up the road that she is just a newbie like I once was,
And to give her some time and maybe she will one day make
the walk up the road as an established member of the village :)

Hugs to all ~kimme

10 August, 2009

Sock day 2 -- Here's my heel!

Day 2 of my sock...

I really shouldn't be this far yet.

I couldn't sleep last night so I knitted until
my eyes were tired and accomplished the ribbing
and part of the heel. It was late last night when I
did get to bed.

(Btw, the pin is so I know what needle I am
on for the heel... I am neurotic like that!)
(notice I didn't show the top? LOL!
not so pretty... I will add elastic to
cover my ugly cast-on problems :)

Hubby woke up when I slipped in and
glanced over at the alarm clock with one eye
shut and said "knitting?"
"Yes, knitting.... what of it?" I said laughingly.
"I think you are addicted!" he said. And with
that he went back to sleep.

I, on the other hand, knitted my way threw my sleep.
Slip, slip, knit...... knit, purl, knit, purl...

Do you every do that? Spend a day at work, only
to dream that you are at work in your sleep?
I also spent some time this morning working on the heel
after breakfast. Not a bad heel so far?

This yarn seems to be a good match for sock knitting.
It is sooo very nice and warm. Knits up quickly and is
a little stiff which makes knitting for me a little easier.

If the yarn is too soft it seems to slid off the needles.
This yarn is not soft, so I will wash this wool in a wooly
wash to soften it up after I am done......... actually,
I am not sure if it is wool or a blend... had no label,
but it was so pretty I had to buy it. LOL!

True knitting addict wouldn't ya say? Hubby would say so..

Hand knitted socks... gotta love them! Gotta knit them!
gotta buy more yarn to knit them!

I wonder how Pam is doing? Are ya at the heel yet Pam?

Well, I am off to visit her site to see how the competition
is doing..... Btw, Pam and I agreed that there will be
no red, white or blue stars on my socks and no shamrocks
on hers!

Have a fun day!!!

09 August, 2009

Socks, wood and stuff

Well folks, I have been off the radar for awhile.
I have been busy around the house getting ready
for winter. I have spent my days stacking
wood and picking the moss out from the cracks
in the bricks in the backyard. Sounds like
fun doesn't it? It actually was!

I really enjoyed spending time with my family
knowing that we will enjoy the warmth the
wood will provide. :)

Next, I have been spending much of my
evening time knitting socks. I finally learned
how to knit socks on three needles with the
fourth rotating. (or would that be knitting on
4 needles?) I have knitted 1 pair for my daughter
and 1 pair of fluffy winter socks for myself.

I don't have any pics to show.... daughter carted
hers off the minute they were done and mine
are in the dirty laundry.

I can tell you that that they were so wonderfully
soft and kept my feet toasty all night. I am one
of those weirdos that have to have socks on my feet
to sleep.... I literally can't sleep without them! LOL!

I am starting a new sock today and will post

I have also challenged Pam of White O'Morn
to sock knit off. We will both be knitting
socks and posting our progress. These
will be her first socks knit on double pointed
needles. Be sure and visit her site to see how
she is doing. You go girl!!!!

Stayed tuned to see how we are doing. I am
wondering if my favorite Irish friend will
have shamrocks on her socks? If she does I
call dibs on them! LOL!!!


07 August, 2009

How to lose a few cucumbers and gain a Zucchini!

My garden is over flowing with cucumbers!

What to do, what to do?

Grab my cutters and pawn them off on the
neighborhood is what I'll do!

I grabbed my basket and packed it full of
cucumbers, red chilies, Basel, oregano, peppermint
and proceeded up the street to my unsuspecting

My first stop was just 2 houses up from mine.
The older gentleman and wife who live in the house
are real characters. They know everything that is going on
on our block and gossip about everyone and everything.
They have been lovingly nicknamed "eagle eye Opa and Oma".

I think they are rather sweet and do a great job of
keeping us youngins' in the neighborhood in line. LOL!
I know I have been included in the gossip that
goes on, but it doesn't bother me. I just like them.

They have taught me a lot about German culture. I recall
the first lesson I learned from them was not to
make noise or work during "quiet hours". I had no
Idea such a thing existed, but i was set straight that
first week I tried to trim my rose bushes at 12 noon!

I also learned to speak German in a short period of time
because of them. They don't speak any English and I
love to talk and they have time to listen.

As for today, I popped up around the corner shed to
ask if they wanted anything from my stash.

Nope, they had plenty of everything. Somehow I ended up
with a zucchini from them as I proceeded to the next

My next neighbor wasn't home... Ah well. Then,
my next victim, oh I mean "neighbor" was in her
car on her way to an appointment and didn't want
the veg to overheat while she was out.

Hmm, this was not going well. What was I going
to do with all this veg!! I am up to my eyeballs
with cucumbers and herbs! I have made so
many different dishes that I just can't make anymore. :)

Finally, My neighbor who wasn't home earlier pulled
into the drive. The mother and son were really happy
to take my veg and in return they gave me a tour of
their garden with explanations on how to grow
all kinds of neat things.

I also was a big help to them. They had a plant growing
that they had bought from an English seed packet and
thought was green/red chilies. Not speaking English they
had just looked at the picture and guessed it was what
they wanted.

Oh no! It definitely was not long green chilies! I quickly
Identified it as jalapeno peppers!

Whoa! They would have had a big surprise when they
went to eat that! I guess this girl from the desert southwest
is good for something. LOL!

In the end, I did give out all of my veg. :).... hmm, but somehow
I ended up with a huge zucchini, tomato, rosemary, and
a few Jalapenos!

That's one big Zucchini!!

Have a wonderful weekend!