13 August, 2009

Can of Cheese!

Say Cheeeeeeseeee!!!

My sweet 82 yr old neighbor brought over a
*gift for me. A can of goat's cheese from Turkey!
This is very thoughtful of her and very much
her way of saying she cares. For our good
neighbors food equals love and I am glad
to the be the recipient. :)

There is kinda a background story to all this....

Here's the story. We are lacto ovo vegetarians in
our home and have chosen this lifestyle for health
reasons. (Plus a few ethical reasons too) We do
eat free range eggs, cheese and fish at home.

However, we also eat the occasional meat when we
are at friends homes and restaurants. Our good
friends down the road who brought the cheese
are aware of this...

Of coarse, All this has been up for discussion a few
times with them as they feel "pork" is king.
They love to rib us about it. (shameless pun. LOL)

"What? you eat no meat? That's okay, I am making Lamb"
(from the movie "My big fat greek wedding")

For the most part, pork is a huge staple in any household
in this region of Germany. It is very hard to find many
meals on the menus that don't include pork. I don't blame
em'.... I have a weakness for bacon... bacon and eggs....
bacon, eggs and pancakes.... Yum yum!!

My neighbors are also very health conscious and do love
to share what new and exciting herbs or plants they are
eating. We have the best time discussing what remedies
they are using and why.

So when the neighbors gave us goat's cheese I wasn't
surprised. I was surprised when I saw the size of it...
and that it came in a can! Big gynormous can o' cheese!!

We should be eating this cheese for a long time! LOL!

Have a fun day!

Hope you get something unexpected today too!
Ya never know what you will find when you answer
your door.... maybe some goat's cheese as a gift. LOL!

*Btw, the word "gift" in german means poison.
So she didn't give me a "gift" she gave me
a present or Geschenk in german. Poison cheese
would be bad! LOL!


Utah Grammie said...

Hmmm..cheese in a can..interesting..was it good?? I love cheese and I could probably be a pretty good vegetarian..did you hear one one about the guy who was vegetarian, not because he loved animals, but because he hated vegetables?! LOL

George said...

I'm very intrigued by the idea of this canned cheese. What was it like? Did you enjoy it?