11 August, 2009

A day out in snippets

I spent the day out with my daughter. We ventured
into the big city for the day and spent several
hours walking the streets.

Our first stop was at the Bahnhof (train station) to
check for a good deal on day tickets to Paris.

They had several fares from 200euro to 359 euro on
the ICE (high speed) train. The ICE train takes under 2
hours to reach Paris from the city.

Seemed like a lot of money to me at that moment and
decided to wait for the 99 euro family specials they run
occasionally. Have always dreamed of visiting Paris...
My 90 yr old grandmother spoke French before she
spoke English and has wanted me to go and see everything
and report back to her. :)

Here is the rest of my day in snippets.... As you will
see, my mind is a cesspool of thoughts. I am forever
jumping subjects in my head..... ADD at it's best. LOL!


Contemplate wardrobe. Tennies with socks
or just sandals? Or Socks with sandals? Tennies.
Old or new ones?

DrIve to the city instead of taking the train. Got lost.

Realize why I like to take the train. Finally find my
bearings and park at the train station. Mis-understand
the parking signs and pray that I didn't park in the wrong
section. Again!

At the train station decide to book tickets for a day in Paris.

Wait in line and secretly hope I get an English speaking
cashier. I don't. Leave with no tickets but did learn a
few new words...

Leave train station to walk downtown. Got lost.
Walk 10 blocks and find the center of town. Found
2 thrift stores along the way. Fab!

Look for a place to eat. Walk 5 blocks and decide
that we should eat at the cafe we saw on the
first block. Daughter throws up her hands and laughs
"can we just eat already!"

Lunch... discuss lacto-ovo vegetarianism with daughter.
She's not convinced. I have an egg sandwich with bubbled
water. She has a ham and egg sandwich with water.

After lunch... Stop to watch the street performers.
Favorite was the man from Africa with his drums.
He spoke french and made loud, fun cat calls to us
when we dropped change in his hat placed on the ground.
Least favorite were the mimes.... they just freaked
my daughter out!

Looked for yarn shop. Got lost. Walked 2 blocks
and found it. Didn't buy any yarn. Thought about
socks I already have on needles at home and decided
to not buy any yarn until I have finished the socks.

Started pouring down rain. Dashed into a clothing shop.
Looked for a fall coat for daughter... Our excuse for coming
downtown after all.

Stopped raining.

Walked 10 block back to train station. Didn't get
a ticket for parking in wrong place. Wasn't wrong
parking after all. Lost umbrella somewhere.

Didn't get lost going home. Hurray for me!!!

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