17 August, 2009

For the Joy of it...

For the Joy of it......

Many things bring me joy and on many different
levels. More than I can list here, that is for sure.

Its the small things and the bigs things.... Its so
many things. Growing a plant, having a chat
with a friend, getting an unexpected kiss from my
husband or daughter.

What brings you joy?

My latest moment of Joy was finishing a few
projects that were long overdue.

I have been very bad about starting things and
putting them aside. I have many half finished projects
all over the craft room. LOL! Not to mention all those
only socks that have no match.... I have a knitting
machine upstairs that I have been trying to figure out...
Loads of "test" projects that didn't work out as planned. :)

As for the cozies below.......I had knitted the shell of these
a few months back but hadn't finished the embellishments.

I finally sat down the last couple of days and worked only on

Do you like them?

I am so pleased with them.... I hate to see them go.
But maybe they might bring Joy to someone else.

Isn't that a nice thought? I know it must sound silly.
I can't help but be so sentimental. I was born that way,
so I guess there's no reason to change now :)

Butterfly with flower tassels.
Shamrock with small shamrock tassels.
Many flowers with small butterfly :)

(all cozies are the same size... made to fit large or small teapots :)

Now that I am done with them, I will go back to the sock
competition :) I can't wait to hear how (Herself) Pam is
doing. She is such a wonderful crafter that I am sure
her socks will be lovely.

And of coarse I can't wait to finish my socks....

I am always so amazed when I am done knitting
something. Amazed that I actually created the object
at hand. I have never considered myself to be creative,
but I do get such a thrill when something turns
out nicely. :) I often think that I couldn't have possibly
created something like this or that.

Ah well.... Go Craft something! Have a fun week :)


May your day be fashioned with joy, sprinkled with dreams,
and touched by the miracles of love. (Anonymous)


Anonymous said...

They are lovely, well done

white o'morn cottage said...

Gorgeous! Lovely little cosies. Looks like you are getting some of your WIPs finished. I must do that too!

Utah Grammie said...

Oh I LOVE those cozys! You do beautiful work and you really don't even recognize it..Grrrr..they are WonDErFul :-)

I do know all about half-finshed projects..I currently have 3 books I'm reading, a couple of craft things, and am in the planning stages of more!

George@CulinaryTravels said...

Those cosies are lovely, well done!

SisterDaughter said...

Kimme; blessings and thanks to you for the gift of these pretty tea cosies for our sales stall. They will raise money to feed our babies in India, so they will bring more joy than you will ever realise. Sister... as in www.sisterdaughter.blogspot.com and www.monasticflowers.blogspot.com
Do you know the verse from the Bible... "The voice of joy and health is in the dwellings of the righteous.."

Blessings this day and every day