07 August, 2009

How to lose a few cucumbers and gain a Zucchini!

My garden is over flowing with cucumbers!

What to do, what to do?

Grab my cutters and pawn them off on the
neighborhood is what I'll do!

I grabbed my basket and packed it full of
cucumbers, red chilies, Basel, oregano, peppermint
and proceeded up the street to my unsuspecting

My first stop was just 2 houses up from mine.
The older gentleman and wife who live in the house
are real characters. They know everything that is going on
on our block and gossip about everyone and everything.
They have been lovingly nicknamed "eagle eye Opa and Oma".

I think they are rather sweet and do a great job of
keeping us youngins' in the neighborhood in line. LOL!
I know I have been included in the gossip that
goes on, but it doesn't bother me. I just like them.

They have taught me a lot about German culture. I recall
the first lesson I learned from them was not to
make noise or work during "quiet hours". I had no
Idea such a thing existed, but i was set straight that
first week I tried to trim my rose bushes at 12 noon!

I also learned to speak German in a short period of time
because of them. They don't speak any English and I
love to talk and they have time to listen.

As for today, I popped up around the corner shed to
ask if they wanted anything from my stash.

Nope, they had plenty of everything. Somehow I ended up
with a zucchini from them as I proceeded to the next

My next neighbor wasn't home... Ah well. Then,
my next victim, oh I mean "neighbor" was in her
car on her way to an appointment and didn't want
the veg to overheat while she was out.

Hmm, this was not going well. What was I going
to do with all this veg!! I am up to my eyeballs
with cucumbers and herbs! I have made so
many different dishes that I just can't make anymore. :)

Finally, My neighbor who wasn't home earlier pulled
into the drive. The mother and son were really happy
to take my veg and in return they gave me a tour of
their garden with explanations on how to grow
all kinds of neat things.

I also was a big help to them. They had a plant growing
that they had bought from an English seed packet and
thought was green/red chilies. Not speaking English they
had just looked at the picture and guessed it was what
they wanted.

Oh no! It definitely was not long green chilies! I quickly
Identified it as jalapeno peppers!

Whoa! They would have had a big surprise when they
went to eat that! I guess this girl from the desert southwest
is good for something. LOL!

In the end, I did give out all of my veg. :).... hmm, but somehow
I ended up with a huge zucchini, tomato, rosemary, and
a few Jalapenos!

That's one big Zucchini!!

Have a wonderful weekend!



JapaneseKeane said...

Wow,this is kinda masterpiece:)

white o'morn cottage said...

Did you grow that? looks like a big snake!
As for your sock challenge...Yes, yes, yes, I have just started my first last night. You have the advantage of having done it before..I am a sock virgin! I'll post about our challenge and you do the same. What fun..love Pam

Barry said...

That is definitely a prize winning zucchini!

I really had to laugh out loud at your attempt to give away some of your produce only to end up with neighbours adding to your basket.