15 August, 2009

Socks and watermelon

Happy summer to everyone!!!!

The friendly sock competition is coming along
In leaps and bounds.

My fellow knitter and favorite Irish friend
Pam from White O'Morn is currently at the
heel of her sock. You Go Girl!!!

I am also turning the heel of my sock.... but
not the blue sock I had been working on

I had to put the blue sock aside to knit a pair of
socks for one of my daughters favorite teachers
that has had surgery over the summer. I had
better get a move on if I want to give them to
her at the start of school!

Turning the heel on a sock for a teacher.

The watermelon purse is something I picked
up on day trip to the city with my daughter.
It is knitted and felted plus big enough
to hold a small wallet, cellphone and chapstick.

I am adding a knitted strap that I made to it
so I can string it across my body. It should
be so cute!!!

Well I am off to enjoy Potato and vegetable
curry that my husband is whipping up for
Sunday dinner..... :0)

1 comment:

Marilyn in NM said...

I'm so thrilled you've challenged Pam to a sock knit-off! That's just awesome.
I love knitting socks and find it to be the most relaxing thing I can do.
Your socks look great!

Marilyn in NM