09 August, 2009

Socks, wood and stuff

Well folks, I have been off the radar for awhile.
I have been busy around the house getting ready
for winter. I have spent my days stacking
wood and picking the moss out from the cracks
in the bricks in the backyard. Sounds like
fun doesn't it? It actually was!

I really enjoyed spending time with my family
knowing that we will enjoy the warmth the
wood will provide. :)

Next, I have been spending much of my
evening time knitting socks. I finally learned
how to knit socks on three needles with the
fourth rotating. (or would that be knitting on
4 needles?) I have knitted 1 pair for my daughter
and 1 pair of fluffy winter socks for myself.

I don't have any pics to show.... daughter carted
hers off the minute they were done and mine
are in the dirty laundry.

I can tell you that that they were so wonderfully
soft and kept my feet toasty all night. I am one
of those weirdos that have to have socks on my feet
to sleep.... I literally can't sleep without them! LOL!

I am starting a new sock today and will post

I have also challenged Pam of White O'Morn
to sock knit off. We will both be knitting
socks and posting our progress. These
will be her first socks knit on double pointed
needles. Be sure and visit her site to see how
she is doing. You go girl!!!!

Stayed tuned to see how we are doing. I am
wondering if my favorite Irish friend will
have shamrocks on her socks? If she does I
call dibs on them! LOL!!!


1 comment:

white o'morn cottage said...

Shamrocks?!! Ah sufferin' heart!
I am doing well if I can manage to get around that heel. So you don't have to do stars if I don't have to do shamrocks - right?
Looking forward to it!