23 September, 2009

Monday's child

Well folks, today is my big day! I have been pampered,
cooked for and all around appreciated. It should be like
this everyday right? LOL!

The lack of tasks left me with much free time
to ponder a thought.... Deep "kimme thoughts"

What day did my lovely mother start her contractions,
2 1/2 months early I might add, and give life to me?
(thanks mom!)

Was I Monday's child fair of face? Naw, that doesn't seem
right. I am cute but not fair of face. LOL!

How about Tuesday's child full of grace? Hmmm, I wouldn't
say I am very graceful. My ballet teacher never refereed to me
as graceful.... more unbalanced. I do think I am gracious with
people but not graceful...

Wednesday's child is full of Woe. I like Wednesdays very much.
Halfway threw the week, halfway to the weekend. But I am not
full of woe that is for sure. I am more full of Joy. Or at least I
try to be.

So Maybe Thursday's child with far to go? No, that isn't right
either? Far to go where? Far to go to the grocery store?
Now that would be right. soo very far to go. LOL!

Now Friday's child is loving and giving. I would love to be
Friday's child, but with the tales I have been told about my
birth I don't believe I was born on a Friday. Nor a Saturday
or Sunday. I was defiantly born on a weekday.

Here's the poem... It was meant to be a indication of
what a child's fortune would be in life.

Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe"
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
But the child who is born on the Sabbath Day
Is bonny and blithe and good and gay.

So my curiosity got me and I googled what day of the
week I was born and it turns out that I am Wednesday's
child. Full of Woe and all. LOL! I looked up the meaning
of this poem and it turns out that one of the original
versions of this poem has Wednesday and Friday reversed.
Wednesday's child is loving and giving and Friday's child
is full of Woe.

Either way, I am going to spend my coming year loving
and giving. It is a wonderful thing that we can choose to
be what we want to be in life. Forget about woe....

Ah well, it is only a poem after all. Which child are you?

Have a great day! I know I am :)

hugs~ kimme

15 September, 2009

Pretty cottages too.......

I was just over on my friend Pam's blog reading about a pretty
cottage she saw while driving down the road with her husband.
She had "himself" pull over so she could take a picture.. LOL!
That Pammie is too funny!

Her picture made me think of pics I took just the other
day of two sweet cottages I saw here in Germany. I had
just picked-up my daughter from a friend's house when I
saw these two and couldn't resist snapping them...
(I can still dream of cottage of my own one :)

My daughter protested with "geez mom, not another pic
of a house"

"Well, smarty pants what do ya think cell phones with cameras
are for anyway, sheesh!!" LOL!

I had thought about posting the pics, but just hadn't gotten
around to it...
Well, after seeing Pam's post I thought it might be fun to show
what cottages look like here in my part of the world.

Here you go.. Hope you enjoy!!

Homes are very close to the road....

I think I still prefer Irish cottages.. They are
very cute here too :)


08 September, 2009

Fun at the Flea Market....

Wow, I haven't posted in a long time.

How the heck are ya'll doin'?

We are busy with loads of stuff around here.
The beginning of school along with Fall always
equals a busy time for us.

It just seems this year has been extra busy......

Getting ready for winter. Planning a trip home
to visit my ill grandmother and father. Winterizing
the greenhouse. Cleaning up the yard....etc... Phew!

The weather is also starting to change here in
Germany. Cooler nights and mornings.

It is so cool that exchanged the linens for
warmer down blankets on the bed a few weeks
earlier than usual.

However, some of our days are still warm, but
for the most part it is light sweater weather.

I do love the Fall! I don't know if it is because I
was born in the fall, or if it is just the beauty this
season holds.... trees changing their summer clothes
for more colorful garb. The birds thinking about
flying to a warmer home...

Anyway, we took advantage of the lovely weather
this last Saturday, and visited the large flea market
45 minutes from the house.

It was amazingly packed with vendors for such a
cool morning. Everyone we saw had jackets on.
Didn't seem to stop the shopping, that's for sure!

Btw, every time we visit this market in particular, I
think of my friend Pam. I know she would love It!!
Just brimming to the rim with treasures to
be found.... Fingers Flynn, you must come out
one day to see me :)

So, I picked up a few items that I couldn't live
without. I used the excuse that it would soon
be my birthday, and that I had decided (at that
moment,, mind you!) to take the whole month
to celebrate. Why not celebrate ME!! LOL!!

Here's the booty.....

Hand knitted Lederhosen. Cable stitches and all!
I got such a thrill seeing the cute outfits with
all the detail in them. The older woman who
made them was so happy with my enthusiasm
for them...... Or she thought I was a nut! LOL!

Vintage brass bed warmer. The brass has flowers
carved into the lid.

Really cheap rugs... 2€ a piece. They were all hand done
by a man for his wife many years ago. I had a few
last flea market day from the son and was thrilled
with them. With all these wood floors in our house
I gotta put something down. Might as well have
something second hand instead of new.... much more
fun, don'tcha think?

Have a fun week!! ~kimme