15 September, 2009

Pretty cottages too.......

I was just over on my friend Pam's blog reading about a pretty
cottage she saw while driving down the road with her husband.
She had "himself" pull over so she could take a picture.. LOL!
That Pammie is too funny!

Her picture made me think of pics I took just the other
day of two sweet cottages I saw here in Germany. I had
just picked-up my daughter from a friend's house when I
saw these two and couldn't resist snapping them...
(I can still dream of cottage of my own one :)

My daughter protested with "geez mom, not another pic
of a house"

"Well, smarty pants what do ya think cell phones with cameras
are for anyway, sheesh!!" LOL!

I had thought about posting the pics, but just hadn't gotten
around to it...
Well, after seeing Pam's post I thought it might be fun to show
what cottages look like here in my part of the world.

Here you go.. Hope you enjoy!!

Homes are very close to the road....

I think I still prefer Irish cottages.. They are
very cute here too :)



Utah Grammie said...

Love any cottage...anywhere..anytime..I even love the word "cottage"... :-)

white o'morn cottage said...

Lovely cottages. Such high roofs? very pretty though. Glad you liked my post. love Pam

Sister-Daughter said...

If you mean the old style Irish cottages like where we live? They tend to be very damp indeed. We know many others with the same problems that we have. Enjoy the outside prettiness..A German lady we know rents one that has no ceilings; just the inner side of the thatch. She had to get it fumigated to kill the bugs. I would never sleep for wondering waht was living up there!

Barry said...

They are indeed Kimme! Both beautiful little cottages.

By the way my Word Verification is "fabled"--kind of appropriate don't you think?

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Thank you all for your comments. :)

Barry, That is really something. Fabled... My
fabled cottage is out there somewhere. :)