24 October, 2009

Picture of the week - Beehive hut

Sorry I haven't posted a pic of the week for a long time.

Beehive huts. Picture taken near the Dingle Peninsula.
Have a nice week. :)

23 October, 2009

Tortilla Flamenco dance! Ole'

I love all types of dancing and I also enjoy all different
types of music. Today I am listening to all my favorites
while I dance around the kitchen.

Why not shake a' booty while cooking and tidying up. LOL!
I may look goofy, but it sure is good exercises!

Hopefully, the Tortilla soup I put in the crock pot will have
a nice spicy taste....

At least I know my kitchen dance took on a spicy Spanish
theme after I watched the video below..... Maybe that will
transfer onto my soup. LOL! :)

On to the video.... It combines both my favs....
Beautiful dancing (sorry, I don't know who the dancers are)
and warm musical tones from Sam Beam/Iron & Wine.

Have a nice weekend :) hugs~ kimme

13 October, 2009

Chomping noises coming from the wood pile and such!

Brrrr! It is chilly outside this morning. The old
stones in my backyard are wet and the grass is
covered in little diamond drops of water. It is
still Fall but winter is definitely on its way....

My greenhouse garden produced a nice bounty
for us on our first year. Sadly, we had a hard
rain and windy night that knocked over my little
greenhouse hurting most of my plants. My hardy
chili plant survived and has now found a new home
in the entry way. I don't blame the green
house... We had relocated it the day before, but
had not fully anchored it down. Ah well, lesson learned.

I have made my first fire this morning. We have
had fires in the evening and thankfully the heat has
remained in the house until the morning, but this morning is
different. The wood floors are cold and the air is brisk.
A nice 32℉/0℃.

I have noticed a noise coming from the wood basket.
A strange chomping noise. It sounds like something is
eating the wood. Odd? I am keeping the wood basket
for the time being in the basement. Could I have wood
worm? Or maybe termites? The German neighbor says
that we don't have termites in this region. Hmmm?
Whatever it is, I am not looking. I will save it for the man.
He da' man and he can take a peak and report back to me!

Anyway, I have now gotten the wood to burn hot in the oven
to keep me and the doggies warm. A big change from
my many failed attempts over the years, wouldn't you say?
Oh, and the dogs are in heaven. They have picked their
prime spots in front of the oven and are happily
licking each others faces. Must be nice to be
a do in my house. LOL!

This type of weather always makes me long for Ireland.
I think it is the fire and the smell, but I am not sure.
It brings back many wonderful days we spent at
White O'Morn cottage.... Family together in such a
homey place.... sitting in front of the fire chatting
away to each other. Not a care in the world. Happy times.

And Oh how I still dream of a cottage of my own. I
still think of a life I could have. Dreams are a good
and I don't mind relishing them. This has been a year
of growing-up for me. (I am not a young-in' but I am not
that old either.) I have been hit with responsibilities
that were not my own. I will lovingly take them on even
if it means that my dream of a cottage or home one
day will be much farther off then we had hoped.
Roads turn, paths change.... Life is an adventure.
Maybe I will build a cottage in the mountains near
my home? Who knows where it will take me.

I am also thinking on hand-made gifts for friends
this morning. I think I will start by making a list
of the things I want to make for each person. I
am also going to keep my eye out at flea markets
for cool old-time items for my special friends
who love unique kitsch as much as I do. You know
who you are! LOL!!

I hear the bells from the bread van coming! I
am off to make the made dash outside before he

Have a great week!! Hugs~Kimme