23 October, 2009

Tortilla Flamenco dance! Ole'

I love all types of dancing and I also enjoy all different
types of music. Today I am listening to all my favorites
while I dance around the kitchen.

Why not shake a' booty while cooking and tidying up. LOL!
I may look goofy, but it sure is good exercises!

Hopefully, the Tortilla soup I put in the crock pot will have
a nice spicy taste....

At least I know my kitchen dance took on a spicy Spanish
theme after I watched the video below..... Maybe that will
transfer onto my soup. LOL! :)

On to the video.... It combines both my favs....
Beautiful dancing (sorry, I don't know who the dancers are)
and warm musical tones from Sam Beam/Iron & Wine.

Have a nice weekend :) hugs~ kimme


Utah Grammie said...

That video is beautiful! I loved it and would never have found it if you hadn't shared - thanks!

white o'morn cottage said...

How wonderful this is!
I did a course in Flamenco dancing once and LOVED every minute of it! I did a demonstration at our dance club wearing a red dress - I was not as good as these of course, but I gave it socks! Wonderful piece, thanks...Pam