07 November, 2009

On a road trip - more pics... the end!

We have arrived in Antwerp, Belgium. :)

Below are a few photos of the many interesting
things to see.... We stayed in the Jewish quarter
in a wonderful B&B with friendly owners, comfortable
rooms with loads of style and a fab breakfast.

And luckily for me we were very near the downtown
area that is famous for diamonds among other things.
(I wonder who made those reservations LOL!)
Needless to say, we loved every minute of our stay and did
not want to leave!

(That is a claw foot tub at the end of the room)

Anyway, back to the shopping. LOL! I didn't buy
anything there, but we had loads of fun poking our
heads in all the shop windows. We walked the
pedestrian streets eating belgium waffles( like you do
in Belgium), munching on chocolates and drinking
espressos. Gotta love it!

Btw, The prices on diamond jewelry were amazing!
They say you can get a discount from 50 to 70%!
I believe it. I looked at a ring that I know would have
cost close to 2000€ which had a discounted price tag
of 500€. Very beautiful ring!

Downtown Antwerp

Walking near downtown Antwerp

Near the park. This is a tearoom that wasn't
open when we walked past. I don't know what
the sign says on the statue... Sadly.
I haven't gotten my new glasses and couldn't
read the placard..... I didn't have a "grass pass"
so I refrained from traipsing across to read it. LOL!

I don't know what this is. We were near the zoo (we had
been walking an hour) and had gotten lost when I took
this picture.

When we did finally find our way to downtown
Antwerp we found a friendly fun city. We felt safe for the
most part and we were treated kindly...

We really had a great time!

This Picture is for Barry. We happened
to be walking down the street when Antwerp's
Scottish marching band came strutting down
the lane.... Bagpipes and all! :) They were Fantastic!!

Have a great weekend!


Barry said...

Hey, a picture for me! Thank you.

My wife says next time send diamonds! lol

Utah Grammie said...

What a lovely city - so glad you could go and thanks for taking us with you!

white o'morn cottage said...

Lovely pictures. The room is AMAZING. I love the old buildings, so pretty. Love Pam