18 December, 2009

Having fun..Mountains and a Cave....

We are taking day trips to a few of our
favorite places. Today we drove threw the
Guadalupe Mountains and walked into the
deep caverns in Carlsbad New Mexico.
Enjoy the pictures!


On the road in Texas.
Guadalupe Mountains ahead. I had forgotten
had large Texas is! The scenery is changing and
you can see for miles and miles!

Salt flats

Now in New Mexico....
Entrance to Carlsbad Caverns. This is where
the bats that reside in the cave (March threw October)
make their exit. It is a wondrous thing to see...

750 feet down inside the cave... and about 1 1/2 hour
walking time. Great exercise!

Interesting formations.

Links to park info above.... I had wanted to
tell you the whole story myself, but I have
very limited internet and chose to post
pics with my alloted time :)

17 December, 2009

Come into my parlor.....

We have made it safely to my grandmother's house :)
She opened the door with her favorite rhyme to 
welcome her guests.

"Come into my parlor said the spider to the fly.."

My heart leaped at hearing those words.  I had
been waiting for them.  I had wondered if she would
forget to say them, but she didn't.  She opened her
arms to me and I fell into them.   I noticed immediately
that she is smaller, but yet she is not fragile.  Her mind
is as sharp as ever.  I am over joyed to be in her home;
my favorite place on earth.

"The Spider And The Fly"  Is a rhyme by
Mary Howitt (1799-1888)  Visit the link
above for the whole rhyme.


Merry Christmas! :)

14 December, 2009

What not to put in your purse!

Hello friends,

I have made it safely to my little ole' town in west Texas.
That was one long flight (and boy are my arms tired. LOL!)
and I am exhausted after 15 hours of traveling time.

I have a little jet lag and purplish bags under my eyes.
None the less, I am so glad to be here.

We had to take 2 planes with a very short layover in Dallas.
There we had to go threw customs, then retrieve our bags
and proceed to declare all goods contained in them. After
that we were expected to recheck our bags in and make
our way to our next flight.

Well, it didn't happen that way at all. We got off our
international flight and made our way to the baggage claim.
There we waited for an hour for our bags to make their turn
around the carousel.

Once we grabbed them we proceeded to customs....

And this my friends, is where it all went down hill.

A very sweet little doggie came by and sniffed us as we walked
past and sat down infront of us.

"oh, how sweet" "he likes us" I said.

He may have liked us, or should I say, he may have really
liked my daughter as he licked her hand and sat infront of her.
Which doesn't mean he liked us at all... It means we are carrying
something we aren't suppose to.

Oh no... I began to panick. We are already going to be late
for our next flight after waiting for our luggage for so long.

What could this dog possibly think we have on us? What
ever it may be will definetly make us late!

The nice dog handler asked if we had anything at all?
No, ofcoarse we didn't. We would have said so on that
little form they gave us.

Then the doggie continued to sit infront of my daughter
wagging a little tail.

I looked at her and said " so child, do have anything you
need to declare? Do ya? Do ya?

" No, nothing at all" was her response.
So in an effort to get to the bottom of this, we had her
open her purse and check for anything, anything at all.

And there it was. The forbidden fruit!
Amongst gum and band aid wrappers was a yummy
little item all shiney and green. An apple.
In this case a big "no, no".

Daughter had been full at breakfast and had put it in her
purse for an inflight snack. Ofcoarse forgetting it
was there at all.

This little indescreation got us a one way trip to
the inspection lane. The very long que of grumpy
people who had their own things to fess up about.
I noticed that there where several people with just
one orange, one banana or apple in our case.

Time ticked pass and we finally did get the all clear.
But sadly, we were going to be late to our next flight
and possibly miss it.

After dropping off the baggage we made a run for
our flight. It was boarding in 5 mins. We had no
idea that we would have to briskly jog and take a 10
minute train ride to the next terminal.

We did finally get to the plane. They were graciously
waiting for us and a few others that had been held up
in baggage claim. They said they knew were coming
because our luggage had been checked in. Phew!

Our plane left ontime and we arrived early. I am
still amazed and thankful we are here now after all that.

I am not yet at my grandmother's home. We are staying
a few days with my husband's family. It is good to be
in their home. They are so wonderful to us and we even
have our own rooms. It really feels like a second home to us.

As for my sunny city.... a few things have changed, but
the people are the same. Very kind and friendly.
Texas is a big friendly place.

I am used to people in Germany not being overly
talkative. Don't get me wrong, they aren't mean
or rude. They just are as talkative as I am. I
always talk to people around me, and in Germany
they look at me as if I am nuts. Here people
are very talkative and I am shocked by it a little...
I had forgotten.

It is time to rest again... my eyes are getting heavy.

hugs to you all, Kimme

pictures to follow in a few days or so... if internet allows.

11 December, 2009

Doggies and flying.. Oh my!

In this post you will discover how neurotic
I am when it comes to my doggies and
flying. LOL!

I just dropped off the doggies at the kennel...
Oh, how I hate to leave them so long. I worry
that they will think I have left them for good.

I know that they don't understand. Their
little faces were upset. My smallest dog
actually cries with tears and all. It broke my
heart when he looked up at me with tears in
his eyes.

However, the kennel attendant said that they
would take them out to play in the yard with
the other doggies at least 5 times a day. That
should keep them busy, happy and possibly
keep their mind off me being away?

I think the woman felt for me. I am sure she
could tell that I was the worrying type with my
oversized dog bed and detailed list of their care
instructions: 3/4 cup twice a day with water and
add a little canned food. Cover them up with
their blanket at night and be sure and put Bud's
coat on when he goes outside.
Gosh, reading that back to myself, I wonder if
I may love those dogs way too much. LOL!
They are my little boys... What can I say!
(*read doggy jokes below if you have time :)

So, with that behind me, I can now move
onto finishing up my packing....

The time is getting closer... We are almost ready
to go to our hotel for the night. From there we
will leave in the morning to the airport.
I am getting a little nervous already. A little
fidgety, a little on edge. Oh, I don't care to fly,
and If I could take a boat from here I would!

"There may be 50 ways to leave your lover,
but there are only 4 ways out of this airplane"
Mostly, I don't like to be locked in a space that
I know I can't get out of or control. I have
learned to deal with my flying anxiety and my
motion sickness with many prayers and a bit
of Dramamine. I also bring loads of comfort
items; a book to distract me, a video on my ipod,
and loads of snackie type foods. On top of that,
I pick my seats online so that I feel like have
some control.... even if it is very little.

"In the event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure,
masks will descend from the ceiling. Stop screaming,
grab the mask, and pull it over your face. If you have a
small child traveling with you, secure your mask before
assisting with theirs. If you are traveling with more than
one small child, pick your favorite."

I keep reminding myself that I have to fly if
I want to go see my grandmother and father
for Christmas.
So with that folks, I am off!!

Until my next post... ~kimme
P.S. I have now locked my blog to a few
readers that I have email addresses for...
I want to post pictures that I don't want
the whole world to see.... I feel bad that
I didn't have an email for a few people, but
I will unlock my blog after Christmas and
hope that those readers return and forgive
me! :)

Top Ten Signs that You Spoil your Dog:
1. You think begging for table scraps is beneath him,
so you let your dog eat at the table with you.
2. You take him to the supermarket and let him pick
out his own dog food.
3. Your husband comes home from work, looks at the
stew on the stove and asks: "Is this people food or dog food?"
4. You bought matching His & Hers place mats for your
dog and yourself.
5. At dinner parties you always have to double-check the
butter for visible lick marks, before putting it on the table.
6. Your dog gets to vote on where to spend the next family
7. You don't care if you or your spouse are comfortable at
night, as long as Fido has enough room on the bed.
8. You complain about the rising costs of groceries, but you
don't think twice about spending a fortune on doggie treats.
9. Your dog always gets the best spot on the couch and
sometimes he even gets to hold the remote.
10. He has his own e-mail address.

What do you think?

My landlady popped in a few days back to check
in on us... Ya know, to make sure we hadn't burnt
down the place, punched a hole in the wall or dug a
pool in the middle of the living room. Don't laugh,
I actually saw a rented house that had that done to
it! Wasn't me! LOL!)

Anyway, She kindly brought a Christmas flower for
us to enjoy. :) It is called an Amaryllis flower. I had
never seen one before and I am still unsure if
I like it. It is very unusual. What do you think?

Also, I will most likely make my blog private
in a few days. I believe I have to have email
addresses to invite my readers. I will change
my comments to be moderated only so that you
can leave your email if you wish to be included.
Don't worry, I will not post your comment
with it's email attached :).

Or if you prefer you can email me via the
email link on my profile.

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!!


09 December, 2009

Little house in the woods

My little house in the woods....

Morris the cat

morris the cat figurine...

Little boy blue

Little boy blue,
come blow your horn,
The sheep's in the meadow,
The cow's in the corn;
Where is that boy who looks
after the sheep?
He's under the haystack
fast asleep.

Stories and memories..

As time is drawing closer to my visit with
my grandmother, I have begun to recall all
the stories and rhymes she has continuously
said to my daughter and myself throughout the
years...... All the fun little sayings, all
her loving words. My arms are eager for
her hugs and my ears can't wait to hear her
voice and her rhymes.

I am hoping to share a few stories with you
while I am on my journey home. I will do the
best I can with the lack of internet I will have.

I may also lock my site to only my frequent
readers and blog followers. If you do read my
blog please comment saying so... And of coarse,
I won't forget to add my friends...

Warmest wishes to you this holiday season

04 December, 2009

A pretty wait...

I am sitting in my car waiting for an appointment. As always I am early.
So I parked at the top of the hill to
Enjoy the view.