09 December, 2009

Stories and memories..

As time is drawing closer to my visit with
my grandmother, I have begun to recall all
the stories and rhymes she has continuously
said to my daughter and myself throughout the
years...... All the fun little sayings, all
her loving words. My arms are eager for
her hugs and my ears can't wait to hear her
voice and her rhymes.

I am hoping to share a few stories with you
while I am on my journey home. I will do the
best I can with the lack of internet I will have.

I may also lock my site to only my frequent
readers and blog followers. If you do read my
blog please comment saying so... And of coarse,
I won't forget to add my friends...

Warmest wishes to you this holiday season


Barry said...

I will look forward to the stoies Kimme! Enjoy your trip.

the hentzen house said...

i can't wait to hear the stories and see the pictures! jh

Stella said...

Hope you have a great trip and spend a lovely time with your grandmother.

Sister-Daughter said...

Please tell her how much pleasure her lavender bags have given.... safe and blessed journey and we hope the parcel is there in time. And wise also to limit the blog. We chose to moderate all comments for that reason.