11 December, 2009

What do you think?

My landlady popped in a few days back to check
in on us... Ya know, to make sure we hadn't burnt
down the place, punched a hole in the wall or dug a
pool in the middle of the living room. Don't laugh,
I actually saw a rented house that had that done to
it! Wasn't me! LOL!)

Anyway, She kindly brought a Christmas flower for
us to enjoy. :) It is called an Amaryllis flower. I had
never seen one before and I am still unsure if
I like it. It is very unusual. What do you think?

Also, I will most likely make my blog private
in a few days. I believe I have to have email
addresses to invite my readers. I will change
my comments to be moderated only so that you
can leave your email if you wish to be included.
Don't worry, I will not post your comment
with it's email attached :).

Or if you prefer you can email me via the
email link on my profile.

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!!



Stella said...

Hi Kimme
I would like to continue to have access to your blog. I was first introduced to it by Anchoress Nun.
Have a very happy Christmas with your family.

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

HI Stella,

I am so glad you are reading my
blog :) And to meet you! I love to read
Anchoress Nun's blog.. it is one of
my favorites.

I will be sure and add you to my list.
However, you will have to give me your
email address within the comment
as blogger doesn't show me the email
you provided. Not sure why it does that?

I wish you a Merry Christmas too!


jeannette stgermain said...

Just saw you on Barry's blog, because it looks like you live in Germany? I lived in W-Berlin (when the wall was still there). Now I live in Los Angeles, but...I am Dutch.
So I thought, you are Irish, but living in Germany?
The amaryllus is given at Christmas sometimes because of it's red color (red/green-colors of Christmas). It's beautiful!
Maybe I should sign up to be on your private list of readers -I like your blog!

Sister-Daughter said...

Blessings from Sister aka Anchoress Nun.... Kimme; I wish you would say CHRISTMAS! lol ! Here in Ireland we spek of Christmas always; holidays are what folk go on in summer!It is so good when friends meet; we have met both Kimme and Stella here in Ireland..

Sister-Daughter said...

Oh,sorry YOU DID! Say CHRISTMAS I mean!! lol!!

Utah Grammie said...

The Amaryllis is beautiful! I got one last year - it's a bulb..your's is really pretty - what a nice thing for her to do {maybe it's because you didn't dig the pool...YET :-)

PS thanks for the invite!