14 December, 2009

What not to put in your purse!

Hello friends,

I have made it safely to my little ole' town in west Texas.
That was one long flight (and boy are my arms tired. LOL!)
and I am exhausted after 15 hours of traveling time.

I have a little jet lag and purplish bags under my eyes.
None the less, I am so glad to be here.

We had to take 2 planes with a very short layover in Dallas.
There we had to go threw customs, then retrieve our bags
and proceed to declare all goods contained in them. After
that we were expected to recheck our bags in and make
our way to our next flight.

Well, it didn't happen that way at all. We got off our
international flight and made our way to the baggage claim.
There we waited for an hour for our bags to make their turn
around the carousel.

Once we grabbed them we proceeded to customs....

And this my friends, is where it all went down hill.

A very sweet little doggie came by and sniffed us as we walked
past and sat down infront of us.

"oh, how sweet" "he likes us" I said.

He may have liked us, or should I say, he may have really
liked my daughter as he licked her hand and sat infront of her.
Which doesn't mean he liked us at all... It means we are carrying
something we aren't suppose to.

Oh no... I began to panick. We are already going to be late
for our next flight after waiting for our luggage for so long.

What could this dog possibly think we have on us? What
ever it may be will definetly make us late!

The nice dog handler asked if we had anything at all?
No, ofcoarse we didn't. We would have said so on that
little form they gave us.

Then the doggie continued to sit infront of my daughter
wagging a little tail.

I looked at her and said " so child, do have anything you
need to declare? Do ya? Do ya?

" No, nothing at all" was her response.
So in an effort to get to the bottom of this, we had her
open her purse and check for anything, anything at all.

And there it was. The forbidden fruit!
Amongst gum and band aid wrappers was a yummy
little item all shiney and green. An apple.
In this case a big "no, no".

Daughter had been full at breakfast and had put it in her
purse for an inflight snack. Ofcoarse forgetting it
was there at all.

This little indescreation got us a one way trip to
the inspection lane. The very long que of grumpy
people who had their own things to fess up about.
I noticed that there where several people with just
one orange, one banana or apple in our case.

Time ticked pass and we finally did get the all clear.
But sadly, we were going to be late to our next flight
and possibly miss it.

After dropping off the baggage we made a run for
our flight. It was boarding in 5 mins. We had no
idea that we would have to briskly jog and take a 10
minute train ride to the next terminal.

We did finally get to the plane. They were graciously
waiting for us and a few others that had been held up
in baggage claim. They said they knew were coming
because our luggage had been checked in. Phew!

Our plane left ontime and we arrived early. I am
still amazed and thankful we are here now after all that.

I am not yet at my grandmother's home. We are staying
a few days with my husband's family. It is good to be
in their home. They are so wonderful to us and we even
have our own rooms. It really feels like a second home to us.

As for my sunny city.... a few things have changed, but
the people are the same. Very kind and friendly.
Texas is a big friendly place.

I am used to people in Germany not being overly
talkative. Don't get me wrong, they aren't mean
or rude. They just are as talkative as I am. I
always talk to people around me, and in Germany
they look at me as if I am nuts. Here people
are very talkative and I am shocked by it a little...
I had forgotten.

It is time to rest again... my eyes are getting heavy.

hugs to you all, Kimme

pictures to follow in a few days or so... if internet allows.


Sister-Daughter said...

We know a lady in Canada who lost the jam she bought from us because she put it in her carryon bag. It would have been fine in her other luggage. A happy ending as she lives near our Mother House so they gave her jam.

Barry said...

A number of years ago, aften visiting relatives in England, we opened our carry on bag to discover my aunt had slipped a pound of cheese and some link sausages into the bag before we left.

We didn't declare it not knowing it was there and fortunately we weren't checked.

Of course this was in the days before friendly little dogs.

Glad you got home safely.

Swan-Island Studios said...

Hi Cottage Dreamer [g]!

Thanks so much for your invitation to your blog. I have lost track of time and neglected blogging. I am so happy to hear from you.

You're all in Texas for the holidays? It's good to have you home in the States! I hope it will be a safe and happy visit for all of you.

We had an airport encounter with a little dog after we married in Wales. My in-laws made our wedding cake...one of those gorgeous fruit cakes with loads of rum and whiskey and marzipan frosting. I had the top tier in one of my bags and saw the little dog heading for us. Mike had put the case high on top of the rest and fortunately the little dog passed us by...I was NOT going to give up that cake. [s] Fortunately, we probably didn't contaminate the nation and enjoyed the cake for our first wedding anniversary.

Anyway, it's wonderful to catch up with you again. Big hugs to you! Merry Christmas!