30 January, 2010

Small home movement

Hello all, I am still feeling under the weather after few
dental treatments... No blogging here... At least for a few
more days..

Below is another interesting article on smaller homes.
It doesn't talk about cottages per se, but does have some
valuable information on living in a smaller space. If you
have a few minutes visit the links below. I recommend
the Tiny Home Blog. There is a great video showing the
inside of a tiny home. I get such a kick of stuff like that! :)

A few links I have come across...
Tumbleweed Houses
Tiny House Blog
Tiny Homes
Cottage Plans
Tiny Home Blog -
Tiny Farm Blog

Have a nice weekend ~kimme

Buying into the Small Home Movement

By: Jerry Clifford

As a response to the current economic crisis there has been a marked change to the way that many people are looking to purchase new homes. After years of buying into the inflated housing market and the "bigger is better" thought process, home buyers are now becoming more focused on the idea of quality over quantity.

There are many reasons to buy into the small housing trend or even the tiny housing trends, though what the best options are for you will really depend on your own needs. If you're a single person, you will only really only need a minimal amount of space compared to if you have a spouse and/or a child or two. Likewise, if you tend to do your socializing outside of your home, you'll need less space than if you like to throw dinner parties for your friends.

Many homeowners who buy small or tiny homes can save a lot of money and time every month. While small homes are generally less expensive to buy overall, they're also cheaper to heat in the winter and keep cool in the summer. Due to the smaller footprint your small home has it's easier to keep clean, partly because you have to be more creative with your storage solutions and hoard a little less. Smaller homes have rooms that are usable on a day to day basis instead of rooms that are "saved" for special occasions like the "out of bounds" living rooms that many of us grew up with.

If you're looking to buy a small house that isn't finished the way you'd like it, rest assured that small homes are cheaper to renovate due to a diminished amount of materials required to get the job done. Less space to sprawl out in also means that your family will spend more time together, though that also means that it's a little harder to spend time alone.

Small or tiny homes are also a green alternative to a large home. This is partly due to the fact that they take less resources to make because there is just less materials in their construction and partly due to the fact that they take less energy to heat and cool. If you also use more ecologically friendly materials in its construction you can vastly improve on your home's carbon footprint as well.

The best thing for many home buyers is that small or tiny homes usually come with very small mortgages, depending on the area they're located in. With our current economic climate, it is good for many families to take on smaller, more manageable debts instead of the large homeowner loans that helped create the current situation.
About the Author

Jerry Clifford has received the prestigious 100% Club award for his success as a real estate agent in the Minneapolis real estate area. He is certified as an ePRO and prides himself on attention to detail. If you need help in your search for Champlin Minnesota real estate, visit JerryClifford.com.

(ArticlesBase SC #1271260)
Article Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/ - Buying into the Small Home Movement

28 January, 2010

A little about Cottages

Well, I am off to have more dental work done today. Blah!
So Instead of a regular post I thought I might leave you with
an interesting article on different types of cottages. I still dream
of building or buying one of my own....
Ya know how I love cottages! I wonder what gave it away? LOL!
Interestingly enough, Irish cottages are not mentioned in this article....

Enjoy! ~kimme

All About Cottages

Author: Terry Pinto
Cottages are dwellings that are typically found in rural or semi-rural areas. It is built around natural surroundings, and most of the time the surrounding fauna intruding into the actual living space. The term cottages also means a small and cosy place of living, often located near a body of water.
These hut-type dwellings were christened cottages, mainly because they were the dwelling quarters of cotters, a group of people belonging to the serfs’ category during feudal times, who earned their livelihood working as peasants. Cotters did not own their own land; instead they worked on their lords’ fields. In return, they were given huts and gardens, and sometimes even a small share of their lords’ harvests. Later, with the Industrial Revolution, weavers' as well as miners' cottages were also developed.
There are slight differences and some distinguishing characters in the cottages that are located at different places. Canadian cottages are distinguished from others, because they are mostly located next to a lake or even the ocean, basically in areas of wilderness. They are mostly rented out to vacationers and are considered popular tourist draws. Used fro skiing, hiking and fishing trips, they are also called 'cabins'.
In Finland, on the other hand, cottages are mainly residential buildings that are used as holiday homes or a relaxed dwelling. The main characteristic about cottages in Finland is that they are made of logs and they too are situated next to a water body. In Hong Kong, they are three storied brick structures, and commonly used as relaxing and rejuvenating getaways from the hustle and bustle of the city.
UK is famous for its holiday cottages. They are well equipped and comfortable buildings that can accommodate couples as well as large family groups. UK cottages are the prettiest cottages and have well-tended and beautiful gardens attached to them. They are usually fully furnished with self catering options as well.
Cottages have today become a symbol of a relaxed and comfortable way of living in the lap of nature, and provide respite to city dwellers from the hectic and stressed contemporary lifestyle.
About the Author:
Terry is a globe-trotter specialising in travel writing. Having toured all over Britain, he has a fair idea of the best resorts, cottages, hotels, and other places of accommodation and entertainment, including self catering services in the British isles. He has been using his vast knowledge of geography and languages to guide tourists and holiday-makers to enjoy their touring time.
Article Source: ArticlesBase.com - All About Cottages

24 January, 2010

Roses and Trellis...

My third tea cosy/cozy is almost finished.  Phew!
This one is made extra special as a gift for a friend.

Making It has been very enjoyable, and I have learned a lot
from the experience.  I am new at embroidery and crochet
and find the challenge of doing something new to be fun.
I have done little designs on previous cozies, but nothing
that really had any technique to it.

On this particular cozy, I put little French knots to look
like roses with leaves and cross stitches to look like a
picket fence and trellis.

It is still very basic and I have so very much to learn,
but I think it is rather sweet.  If I do say so myself. LOL!  :)

I can't wait to try so many more stitches on other projects!

Thankfully I have a great web site link to teach me even more
about embroidery.  I got it from a blog I read often written by
a funny Irish woman named Grannymar.  She writes about
many different things plus wonderful weekly recipes.  She also
occasionally shows her beautiful hand embroidered work
and to be helpful had posted this helpful link for making
different stitches. Here is that link Stitch Dictionary

Here is the tea cozy....  Notice that my favorite craft bag
is in the background. I love it!  You can get one of your
own or a "Eco Shopping Bag Tote"  at my friend
Pam of White O'Morn's blog.
(Plus she has so many other wonderful things there :)

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


20 January, 2010

Blue, Red, or Green Door? Tea Cozy update

The Tea Cozies I posted last week are coming along.
I have finished one, I am working on another, I have
a possible idea for the third and I have 2 others knitted
with no designs in the cabinet.  

Phew!!  I'm a knitt'n like crazy!

Here is what I have so far.......

As you can see, I only have blue yarn this
go round. I think I prefer cream! Isn't it always
that way.  LOL!

Above: 3 cozies all knitted in one size....
Teapots above are 4 cups, 2 cups & 1 cup.

Do you  think I should add elastic on the bottom
for a better fit on the smaller ones?

What size is your teapot?

Front (I may add more little flowers)
Back (maybe more grass and flowers?)

All stacked up :)

For your consideration....  Below is a current design
I am working on.  I still need to finish the flowers
and the cottage.

Here's the question....  What color door and shutters do
you think I should use?  Blue, Red, or Green?

I am full of questions this week!! :)

I hope you are having a nice week.
I am off to the dentist tomorrow! Doh!!


19 January, 2010

It's all about the Hat...

Once I read a story about a butterfly in the subway,
and today, I saw one! It got on at 42nd and off at 59th,
where, I assume, it was going to Bloomingdales to
buy a hat that will turn out to be a mistake, as almost all hats are. 
(From the movie "You've Got Mail")

Bax was not happy to say the least... but I couldn't resist! 
He just looked so funny!  Poor guy!

Have a fun week!

15 January, 2010

Warm Irish Picture for the weekend.

With this week remaining cold and icy here,  I am compelled
to dream about a warm day we spent in Ireland.   It was a
welcoming day out after spending a few days in the car driving
up to Donegal to visit cousins and then back down again to
Kerry to see more sites.

The image above stands out in my mind.

I remember the sky and sea had put on glorious matching
blue outfits, accessorized by the white frothy tide and
golden hue of the strand that day.

The sea calls to me again like a sailor that has been
away too long.  (Isn't that the cheesiest thing you have ever heard! LOL!)

Maybe in the spring I will return to this spot and look out
over its beauty once again.  Until then, I have many memories
and photos to pull from.

Have a wonderful weekend....

Stay safe and warm!

13 January, 2010

Box o' soup.. Yum Yum!

It is still a beautiful winter wonderland at my house.
The streets are cold and icy and there is little movement
here.  No one is coming or going.  Only those who had
to be at work or school.

Little excitement awaits me, other than ones related to
snow shoveling or slippery walks down to the neighbor's
house for tea.

So my biggest surprise today was a really good bowl
of soup from a box.

I am not big on cooking lunch for just moi.  Too much
hassle of cooking and then cleaning.  And my whole goal
for staying home includes trying to keep the house clean,
plus have the time to finish my course work.

In an effort to do this, and make husband see me as the
domestic diva that I am, (can't help but laugh as I write that,
hehe!)  I try to maintain the cleanliness by not messing up
the kitchen that I previously scrubbed in the morning.
(I am known to use every pot and utensil while I cook... so
you see my point. :)

So, I usually eat what was left over from last nights dinner.
Or I might be adventurous and have a tuna sandwich or such.
But today,  I was feeling rather bold and thought I would give
the soup in the box a shot....

A box you say?  Yep, a big old pipping hot bowl of
box soup. LOL!  (does this remind of the can o' cheese
on a previous post?)

I have never seen soup in a box, but  I have seen starters
in a box.  With the eye for something interesting, I  spotted
this potage while exploring the frozen section of my local grocer.

As a foreigner in Germany, I am always intrigued by the food.
Either the different labeling catches my eye or  the fact that
I have never seen or eaten that item.  (Kohlrabi or Weisskohl?)

Sometimes, I am unsure of what I am eating. I get so excited
when I do bite into something and can identify it after tasting it.
At dinner time, I have been known to shout out the name of
the item in question. (No, not like Sally did in the movie "When
Harry met Sally" LOL!)

For Instance, Paprika to me has always been a red ground
spice, but in the German language it means bellpepper.
Don't want to mess up those two!


The soup is very tasty.  It has loads of butter in it, which
in my opinion could make anything taste good.

Wow, I am Writing about soup.... Gosh, I must be bored!
Being stuck in the snow must have brought on, as my
husband likes to say "deep Kimme thoughts".

 Have yourself a culinary adventure today!!


11 January, 2010

Teacozies and My Favorite Craft Bag

I am busy knitting and crafting this week.

I am working on teacozies and fingerless mittens galore.

Pictured below are my teacozies sans embellishment.
I am going to knit up a bunch of them and then work on
the design.  I never make 2 the same. :)

In the past, I never considered myself to be very creative,
but for some reason the crafty bug hit me in  my latse 30's.
I still don't think that I am extremely creative, but I do see
buttons and yarn in a whole new light.  No longer a device
for closing a garment, but a center for a crochet flower!

My favorite Christmas gift this year is the
knitting bag above. It was given to me stuffed
full of  knitting goodies from my best Irish Pal
(Thank you Pam!  I love it soo much!)

The bag is beautifully made by Pam in colors
that I love, and it has been a handy transport
for my knitting projects.  I am such a lucky girl
to have such a great and talented friend!

My husband is thrilled with it too... As he puts it
"What a great way to keep your crap... Oh, I mean
craft in one place."

Have a great day!


08 January, 2010

Is it still snowing?

Is it still snowing?

You bet your a*se it is!  :)

We are expected to get even more snow over the
next couple of days.   Not much more... Only 5 or
so inches!

Staying in this weekend sounds like the thing to do.

I could stay in and clean a closet out or something...

But if it keeps snowing I will be very busy shoveling
my walk path plus my half of the street.  It is what the locals
do here.  The street part, that is.  I have never shoveled
a street until I moved here.  I wish I hadn't sold my
snow blower at my last home...

I have also been very curious about the weather in Ireland lately.
So after I updated my blog, I decided to add back my favorite
webcam.  I love to watch the streets and see what the
weather is doing.  From here it looks like they are getting
very similar weather to us here In Germany.

With all the snow in Ireland I have been thinking
of a new career.

A snow plow driver!

I could plow all the streets and be a hero!
I would call myself "snowplow girl".
My company name would be "Plowing for Ireland".  LOL!

Such a flight of fancy!  Any excuse to be in my favorite
country with my favorite friends :)  Now, If I really did have
a snow plow I would go and help. God bless all those people
who have been struck by this unusual weather..  I hope it
clears very soon.

I guess I should get back to my homework....

Have a lovely weekend,

06 January, 2010

How cold is it? It's colder than a Polar Bears....

How cold is it here? It's colder than a Polar Bears

Well folks, It is snowing like crazy! The current temp
in my part of Germany is 8 ℉/-13 ℃ or at least this
is what my out door thermometer says.

I checked online and we will have 20℉ as
the high today. Brrrr cold!

How cold is it?

It's so cold that a local flasher was caught "describing"
himself to women. Ha!ha!   (Now, I thought that was 
funny, but I have been told by daughter that it isn't....
"mom, i love you... your so weird"

Is it cold out where you are?

In the past 5 years that I have lived here I don't
recall snow In December or January. We
usually have our snow in late Feb or March.

Even looks like Ireland is having a snow
storm of their own. I didn't know it snowed
that much in Ireland. I guess I am wrong?

Strange weather world wide?

How cold is it?

Why, it's so cold here...we got dogs stuck to
fire hydrants all over town.

I don't think the bread man in his little van
will be coming down my street today. I don't
blame him if he doesn't. We have a slippery
slope coming down my hill. "No pastries
for me! 3 days!" (a variation of a Seinfield remark)

Maybe I will venture out in "Phat Louie"
just for the thrill of it.

 Hmm, maybe not?

Small go cart like car + Icy roads = ?? splat?
slam? slide, slide, slide?

Still, I sure could use a break from my classes.

Better yet, I could take the doggies out for a walk
in their little coats... Any excuse to dress
them up. They just look so cute! And the weird
looks I get from the locals is priceless. LOL!

How cold is it?

"It's so cold we had to chisel the dog off
a lamp-post"

Speaking of warm clothes....

Don'tcha love winter clothes?

Down jackets and scarfs.
Warm heavy boots.
Hand knitted gloves
and fuzzy sweaters.

Kinda Reminds of a song from The Sound of Music.....

๐„ž ๐„žRaindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favorite things

Cream colored ponies and crisp apple streudels
Doorbells and sleigh bells and schnitzel with noodles
Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings
These are a few of my favorite things

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
Silver white winters that melt into springs
These are a few of my favorite things

I have now broken out in song and freaked
out the dogs with my loudest and best impersonation
of Maria. (again, sound of music:) Gosh, you would
think they would be used to me by now. LOL!

Have a Snowy-White wonderful day!

One last time....How cold is it?

It's cold enough to freeze the balls off a pool table. Ha! Ha!

04 January, 2010

I'm Back!!

We'll folks I am back. I hope everyone
had a very Merry Christmas, and I wish
you the best this New Year.

I apologize to those of you unable to read
my blog while I was away. It is now up and
running and you are welcome to read
it once again... I hope you do :)

My trip was wonderful. We saw many friends
and family and we took care of a few family

I had so much I thought I would
report back, but sadly a few things did not go as
planned. I wanted to tell you all the stories
my grandmother has shared with me over the
years, but sadly she no longer tells them. She
has gotten older while I was away and things
have changed.

If I can share them I will, but as of right now
my emotions and tears are too close to the
surface.... I miss her words, her voice
and mannerisms. As time passes I will write and
share them....

She did remember to greet me with her favorite
rhyme "Come into my parlor said the spider
to the fly". My heart filled with love at that
moment standing in her entry way. She hadn't
forgotten and I needed that moment. Sadly,
that was one of a few moments that hadn't
changed over the years. (if you don't know
this rhyme read my previous post here)

I must run for now. I still have a little jeg-lag.
Everyone else in the home has recovered but
me... Ah well, more excuses to watch late
night telly. LOL!