13 January, 2010

Box o' soup.. Yum Yum!

It is still a beautiful winter wonderland at my house.
The streets are cold and icy and there is little movement
here.  No one is coming or going.  Only those who had
to be at work or school.

Little excitement awaits me, other than ones related to
snow shoveling or slippery walks down to the neighbor's
house for tea.

So my biggest surprise today was a really good bowl
of soup from a box.

I am not big on cooking lunch for just moi.  Too much
hassle of cooking and then cleaning.  And my whole goal
for staying home includes trying to keep the house clean,
plus have the time to finish my course work.

In an effort to do this, and make husband see me as the
domestic diva that I am, (can't help but laugh as I write that,
hehe!)  I try to maintain the cleanliness by not messing up
the kitchen that I previously scrubbed in the morning.
(I am known to use every pot and utensil while I cook... so
you see my point. :)

So, I usually eat what was left over from last nights dinner.
Or I might be adventurous and have a tuna sandwich or such.
But today,  I was feeling rather bold and thought I would give
the soup in the box a shot....

A box you say?  Yep, a big old pipping hot bowl of
box soup. LOL!  (does this remind of the can o' cheese
on a previous post?)

I have never seen soup in a box, but  I have seen starters
in a box.  With the eye for something interesting, I  spotted
this potage while exploring the frozen section of my local grocer.

As a foreigner in Germany, I am always intrigued by the food.
Either the different labeling catches my eye or  the fact that
I have never seen or eaten that item.  (Kohlrabi or Weisskohl?)

Sometimes, I am unsure of what I am eating. I get so excited
when I do bite into something and can identify it after tasting it.
At dinner time, I have been known to shout out the name of
the item in question. (No, not like Sally did in the movie "When
Harry met Sally" LOL!)

For Instance, Paprika to me has always been a red ground
spice, but in the German language it means bellpepper.
Don't want to mess up those two!


The soup is very tasty.  It has loads of butter in it, which
in my opinion could make anything taste good.

Wow, I am Writing about soup.... Gosh, I must be bored!
Being stuck in the snow must have brought on, as my
husband likes to say "deep Kimme thoughts".

 Have yourself a culinary adventure today!!



Marie said...

It actually does look very healthy and tasty Kimmir..just like the real thing!

marie said...

ooops spelled your name wrong- sorry about that Kimmie...

Kimme@Irish Cottage Dreams said...


Thank you for visiting my blog:)
The soup was tasty. I was surprised that it was as good as it was. I am finding that many german prepackaged foods are good. They tend to be low in preservatives and have a healthier slant to them.

No worries on spelling my name wrong :)