04 January, 2010

I'm Back!!

We'll folks I am back. I hope everyone
had a very Merry Christmas, and I wish
you the best this New Year.

I apologize to those of you unable to read
my blog while I was away. It is now up and
running and you are welcome to read
it once again... I hope you do :)

My trip was wonderful. We saw many friends
and family and we took care of a few family

I had so much I thought I would
report back, but sadly a few things did not go as
planned. I wanted to tell you all the stories
my grandmother has shared with me over the
years, but sadly she no longer tells them. She
has gotten older while I was away and things
have changed.

If I can share them I will, but as of right now
my emotions and tears are too close to the
surface.... I miss her words, her voice
and mannerisms. As time passes I will write and
share them....

She did remember to greet me with her favorite
rhyme "Come into my parlor said the spider
to the fly". My heart filled with love at that
moment standing in her entry way. She hadn't
forgotten and I needed that moment. Sadly,
that was one of a few moments that hadn't
changed over the years. (if you don't know
this rhyme read my previous post here)

I must run for now. I still have a little jeg-lag.
Everyone else in the home has recovered but
me... Ah well, more excuses to watch late
night telly. LOL!



Grannymar said...

Hope the jet lag eases soon and that you have a wonderful 2010!

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Thank you Grannymar. I hope you a wonderful
New Year, too! :)


the hentzen house said...

i'm so glad to see you back... i hope rest and reflection help ease the ache. happy 2010!!

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Grannymar,
Thank you for your kind comment... the jet-lagg is finally over. Have a wonderful 2010 in return!

Hentzen house, So glad to hear from you :)
rest has helped and I thank for your kindness.
Happy 2010 in return :)

hugs to you both ~kimme

Anonymous said...

Kimme! I am so glad you are back! I tried to get on and saw that you had it blocked. I have been going to email but I have been unbelievably busy! Check out the website! Lots of pix of our doings! I have an EXTREMELY late Christmas card on the way to you now, so watch for that! :) We are doing great, Brian is fine, I am in college!!! Still dogwalking! & lots of errands! But I miss you! I will catch up with you later!!!
Love ya!