08 January, 2010

Is it still snowing?

Is it still snowing?

You bet your a*se it is!  :)

We are expected to get even more snow over the
next couple of days.   Not much more... Only 5 or
so inches!

Staying in this weekend sounds like the thing to do.

I could stay in and clean a closet out or something...

But if it keeps snowing I will be very busy shoveling
my walk path plus my half of the street.  It is what the locals
do here.  The street part, that is.  I have never shoveled
a street until I moved here.  I wish I hadn't sold my
snow blower at my last home...

I have also been very curious about the weather in Ireland lately.
So after I updated my blog, I decided to add back my favorite
webcam.  I love to watch the streets and see what the
weather is doing.  From here it looks like they are getting
very similar weather to us here In Germany.

With all the snow in Ireland I have been thinking
of a new career.

A snow plow driver!

I could plow all the streets and be a hero!
I would call myself "snowplow girl".
My company name would be "Plowing for Ireland".  LOL!

Such a flight of fancy!  Any excuse to be in my favorite
country with my favorite friends :)  Now, If I really did have
a snow plow I would go and help. God bless all those people
who have been struck by this unusual weather..  I hope it
clears very soon.

I guess I should get back to my homework....

Have a lovely weekend,


Sister-Daughter said...

Lovely to see you back.. Yes, Ireland is in a real mess... I have been stranded up here since December 18th; see sisterdaughter for more on that.Tonight is the coldest yet....so beautiful up here but enough already! They ave run out of salt and grit and all the schools are closed....

Barry said...

You shovel the street? Whow, in Toronto we are required to shovel the sidewalk in front of our home and still some people won't even do that!

Sister-Daughter said...

Barry; here in Ireland the law is crazy. If you clear your drive/ the pavement in front of your house and someone falls, then you are liable. If you don't and they fall, you are not.... Tonight we may see a new record low temperature here....

mise said...

Shoveling the street sounds like tremendous community spirit and good fun. Maybe you could add to the party atmosphere by dispensing hot ports to all your fellow shovelers?

Irish Cottage Dreams said...


Great Idea! LOL!

I have to admit that little snow shoveling is accomplished while I am out there. I get so busy talking to everyone on the streets. Now If i have a good port handy I will have more of an excuse to have a good time. :)

Barry, We shovel it all! I am not sure if this a German wide law or just something this area or this block has established. I don't mind at all... it gives me an opportunity to chat with everyone :)

Great to be back! Thank you :)

As for snow... I can see the point behind not shoveling. My husband explained to me how sometimes untouched soft snow is safer than shoveled snow that has turned icy. Even if you salt it can still be icy after the snow has returned or has melted or blown away... I like the idea of untouched snow... but that is just me being lazy!