11 January, 2010

Teacozies and My Favorite Craft Bag

I am busy knitting and crafting this week.

I am working on teacozies and fingerless mittens galore.

Pictured below are my teacozies sans embellishment.
I am going to knit up a bunch of them and then work on
the design.  I never make 2 the same. :)

In the past, I never considered myself to be very creative,
but for some reason the crafty bug hit me in  my latse 30's.
I still don't think that I am extremely creative, but I do see
buttons and yarn in a whole new light.  No longer a device
for closing a garment, but a center for a crochet flower!

My favorite Christmas gift this year is the
knitting bag above. It was given to me stuffed
full of  knitting goodies from my best Irish Pal
(Thank you Pam!  I love it soo much!)

The bag is beautifully made by Pam in colors
that I love, and it has been a handy transport
for my knitting projects.  I am such a lucky girl
to have such a great and talented friend!

My husband is thrilled with it too... As he puts it
"What a great way to keep your crap... Oh, I mean
craft in one place."

Have a great day!



the hentzen house said...

LOVE the teacozy! they are so hard to find here... does yours have a spot for the spout to peek thru? jh

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Hentzen house,

Thank you :). Yes, the teacozies have a place for the
spout and the handle. When I am done with them I will be sure and post a picture of one on the teapot. :)


Sister-Daughter said...

Kimme so kindly sends them to us in Ireland to sell on our stall to help us to feed our abandoned babies and other homeless.. They fly off the table.. Thank you, Kimme!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kimme! Quit ignoring me!!! :)I have been so busy! I left comments on a couple other posts. I love the cozies! And I think you are very talented!!! I have to go, weight training class this morning and then work...then study... Take care!!!


Kimme@Irish Cottage Dreams said...

HI Shana!!! I am totally ignoring
you! LOL! No, actually my scattered brain just got away from me. You know how I am... I start with one thing, get distracted and end up on something else..
Glad to hear that all is well with you all. I have tried to get into your website, but as always I have forgotten my password. LOL! What's new, huh.

Miss seeing you!


Kimme@Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Thank you for your kindness. It is my pleasure
to make them for those in need.... It is nice to hear that people buy them and that they are doing well :)


mise said...

The bag is beautiful with its apron associations. And the tea-cosies look lovely and simple, in a great shade of blue. Looking forward to seeing one in use!

Kimme@Irish Cottage Dreams said...
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Kimme@Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Hello Mise,

Thank you so much for your kind
comment on my teacozies. I will be
sure and post a picture of them in
use after I put the embellishments on them :)

The bag is great isn't it! I use it all of the time
and I am so grateful to have it. Keeps all my
stuff in one place.


white o'morn cottage said...

Hi Kimme, I'm so pleased to see my bag in use. I so loved making it and have made some more since. It was the best I ever did up to that. Your cosies are magnif! I am so pleased to hear that they fly off the table and raise money for the needy. You will surely be rewarded for such kindness. What goes around comes around...Love Pam