09 February, 2010

Continued thoughts... Half?

It has been a busy few weeks with dental appointments 
and coursework due.  I  haven't forgotten about ya'll,
and I do appreciate all of your kind comments.  


Here are my "deep Kimme thoughts" this week (actually, I think about this often)

Over the years (and lately) I have been talking about smaller homes
(cottages and such) and living smaller, happier lives on this blog.
With that being said, I have also wondered a few other things....

If we lived in smaller, less expensive homes or lived less expensive
lives, could we do more for our world and people with what we have
left over?

Could we help others financially, spend our extra time volunteering
or by producing less waste/recycling in our smaller space?

I wonder....

What can an average person on a modest income do?
What can a person of moderate means do?
How about someone with the means to help many?

I wonder why so many people are still in need in this world, yet there
are people who can help, but don't?  ( I am guilty of this.  I could definitely
do more.)

I caught a news program  this week that featured a family
that sold their home to give half of the proceeds to charity.

Here is the link to their blog: The Power of Half - blog

Very interesting... Makes you really think, doesn't it?
How much do we really need? How much can we live without
or giveaway?

A few links & blogs ....


white o'morn cottage said...

Hi Kimme, I hope you are feeling better. I am going to have a browse of those links. It makes one think. It takes a really big person (or family) to liquidate half of their possessions and give some away. We all put too much store by THINGS. We are all guilty. It's good to take time to think. Thanks for the reminder..Cheers..Pam

未來 said...


Connie said...

Hi Kimme, I like your deep thoughts post -- good idea. I decided to return to the blogging world as mine was self destructing. Lost so many pictures. I don't have a clue what to post about but it will fall in place. I see you have been busy with life and all it's activities.
Stop over and say Hi -- I need a visitor or two. Totally forgot how I got started the first time. I've learned to enlarge pictures so you will see I have gone wild doing it.
it is called....... My Red and Yellow Baskets I would love to invite you to be a Follower if you would like ?
I want to hear all about your school and courses.