07 March, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Parade

I am getting excited about the upcoming
Saint Patrick's day parade in Dublin. It looks
like it is going to be another wonderful 
celebration and I wish again this year that
I could be there... Ah well, maybe next year. :)

Just wondering..... Does your town have a
parade or event?  I know many do.  It is
amazing how many people from around the
world claim to have some "Irish" in them.  And
anyone who isn't is welcome to call themselves
Irish on Saint Paddy's day :)

I would love to hear of any events your town has
planned for the day.   Comment and let me know.

As for Saint Patrick's day in Dublin, the parade
will begin at 12 noon on the 17th of March.
You can stop by here to watch the parade via
the webcam at 5 am mountain time. 

Have a wonderful week and a very




the hentzen house said...

weelll... we don't have a parade or even anything special in our town for st patrick's day. however, my annual celebration is a guinness soaked/basted/roasted corned beef brisket with cabbage and carrots. i make mashed potatoes out of the roaster, but do make gravy from the guinness marinade. and we have a guinness vinegrette for a green salad, and in years past we've had guinness ice cream with brownies... and of course, we wash all of it down with more guinness. it's fun for us!!

Colleen said...

Oh Oh Oh! 5am Mountain Standard time?? I can see it?? Wow - thanks Kimmie!

Yes, Salt Lake City does have a parade, however, seeing hoe's there's about a 1% Irish population..it's not all that woopie-doo.

HermanDHovis said...
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Anonymous said...

Well Sligo has a parade and if the weather is as lovely as it has been over the last week then we will be there.....and I will take plenty of photos.

white o'morn cottage said...

You will have the parade live? Cool! I might watch it on you blog so! I am getting all excited too. It seems they make it better and better every year. Oh and a day off in mid week. Deadly! Happy St Paddy's Day!