14 October, 2010

Update: Still Love Ireland

Yes, I still love Ireland!  And yes I still dream
of having a cottage there.

If only wishes could make dreams come true. 

As some of you know, I have been working
hard to get an education to help all my little
dreams come along.. I can wish all I want and
sit on my arse but that won't make things happen.

I have to make them happen! 
Since I am a simple girl, it will take years
for me to have any funds to even think about
pursuing anything at all.  It will be a long road.

And sometimes dreams change and take on
other aspects.  Maybe a vacation home, an
income property, a used bookstore with a
flat up top.  Or maybe I will find a new
location to love as much as Ireland.

Isn't it fun to dream!

The question for today is... Do I have time
now to write this blog? Is anyone interested
in what is going on with me these days? Do
I have anything worth saying here?

I guess we will just have take this day by day.

I wish my blog friend Barry was here to
read this. He would be so proud and have
encouraging words to share.

And I wish my British friend John, who I
used to go thrifting with, was here to ask me
how my blog little blog is coming along.  

Both Barry and John died this year
and I miss them both.  My throat is tight
with tears... lets move on.

Cottages!!  I think it might be fun to find
the cottages I love and post them here.

My favorite cottage this week is....

What do you think? Isn't it the sweetest thing
you have ever seen.  I love the red door and
windows! I could live there and be very happy! :)

3 bedroom
1 bathroom
with access to the shoreline.
Euro 79,000  
(I am working on a payment plan in my head:) LOL!

Actually, this is my all time favorite cottage.
This would be the one I would buy right this
moment.  If you happen to read this and buy
this home, let me know so I can come and visit!

Bye for now friends :)

03 October, 2010


Hello friends!

The fall is here in Germany and it is beautiful!

Life for me has changed a little... I have
moved and I am taking more classes. I
have also opened a facebook account. If
any of my previous readers or commentors
has a facebook and would like me to add
you as a facebook friend, send me a
comment saying so and I will add you. :)

I may also continue a weekly post here
about my new life if anyone is interested.

I hope you are having a fab Autumn.