14 December, 2010

I am on my soap box!


Today I am off to help out at a French
soap sellers stand.  I love chatting with
people and It should be fun selling all
of my favorite soaps to them.  I will also
get a few soaps as a treat for helping out...

Santa will be bringing all my friends
soap this Christmas :) There will be no
excuse for being stinky!


Thank you friends for commenting on
my last post.  I will be bringing back
my old posts as soon as I have a minute
to figure out how to do this. 

Thank goodness I had saved it all on
my hard drive. I also made a book out of
all my posts and sat down the other day
to read a bit of it to my brother-in-law.  

It seemed strange and almost as if I was
reading someone else's diary. 
It was fascinating! I was looking into my very
thoughts and dreams at the moment I felt them.

Who was this person with such a passion? Where
did she go?  Oh, I remember now... She was kicked
in the guts by the reality of life.  

Ah well, It is still good to look back :)

Well I am off to take a shower before I go off
to watch the soap stand.  I guess I should lather
up heavily with one of their soaps to help 
promote them.

 I would normally use their seaweed soap
to combat my jiggly bum... but maybe the rose
soap would be more appropriate as I can't really
say...look how non-jiggley my bum area is after using
the seaweed soap to combat my cellulite. He!He!

Have a fun day!

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