19 December, 2010

It's a giant snow cone outside!


The snow keeps on falling with no end insight.
It is a snow bunny's dream!

It is also absolutely beautiful but verra verra cold!

All this snow makes me want to knit some socks
and buy some sweaters... Online of coarse! I would
be crazy to go out just to buy sweaters! The postman
gets paid a good wage (I would hope so with the price
of stamps going up again!) and he can haul them for

I guess I could try to knit a sweater. It seems I 
may have time on my hands with the constant
snow conditions causing roads closures.  Plus, 
The farmer's almanac is saying that we in for a
very long snowy winter. I tend to believe them. 

I hope you all are enjoying your winter!  :)

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