28 January, 2011

My Irish Cottage Floor Plan memories

When dreaming about my own little cottage in Ireland
I often like to look at pictures and floor plans.  If you 
are the same, then you would know that finding pictures
are easy but floor plans are hard to come by.

So I often take pictures and draw up my own floor plans
from cottages I have visited while in Ireland.  I love to do
this as a way to preserve the memory of the visit and also
to make a record of what a traditional cottage looks like.

I may or may not have one myself one day, but I do know
that I have been blessed with wonderful Irish friends, some
who even let me let me stay in their cottages, or even go
and look at derelict cottages with me.

I will always keep my pictures of trips and the depictions
I have drawn as a reminder of this beautiful country :)

Here is a cottage for you......

This is actually one I drew up after visiting a cottage
that was slightly derelict. This how at the time I thought
I would restore it. Notice the small extension on the back
for a bathroom laundry combo.  I figured after a long day
out working in my garden I would need a hot bath. :)

2 bedrooms, open livingroom kitchen with a double-sided
fireplace in the middle. The old wall where the fireplace was
located had crumbled down to a half wall which brought on
this idea.

That's it for me!  Have a great weekend!! :)


P.S. As you may noticed most of my blog content is
gone.... 30 or more pages or so!  I loved all of the posts
and pictures I had written on cottages and my dream of
owning one, but I have decided to go back through them
before I add them back.  Soon I hope!

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