10 January, 2011

Welcome to the New Year!!

The New Year is here! Finally! 

I am welcoming it with open arms. I am very happy to put
all the not so good things that happened behind me and
start anew.   

Kind of a New Year's resolution to make all things refreshing
again.  To gain back my tongue and passion for life.  :)

I feel like I am at a crossroads..  
Thankfully I have the person I want to travel through
life with.  I just don't know which way to go?

Deep down I have the feeling that this year is going to
be a very pivotal point for me.  Change is going to happen...
I guess change always happens... but ya know what I mean :)

Little pic I took in Cork.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful New Year.  I have
some exciting things happening this week that I will be sure
and update you on :)



Jennie said...

Happy New Year!
I hope this year brings the change you desire, gets you closer to your dreams and closer to that cottage!

My dream is to retire to Ireland too so you never know, we may be neighbors some day! LOL

Best wishes to you,
Jennie and the Pekes

SusanC said...

Hi Kimme
A Happy (belated) New Year to you too. I hope any changes you're expecting this year will be good ones. We're not sure what the next twelve months will bring but it's possible there could be a big move on the cards. We'll see. :)