17 February, 2011

Derelict cottage?

How about a derelict cottage? A cottage that I
could incorporate one of my floor plans from
previous posts. This is also a much cheaper and
more do-able option for many people who don't
have the money but do have the time to wait it out. 

Makes me think a little. Hmmm, I could hold
onto the land and cottage until I had enough
money to repair it.

It would be so wonderful to bring back an
old cottage that would have been forgotten
and eventually returned to dirt. I would try
to keep it as original as possible with a few 
modern conveniences.

I like the Ballinamore area in county Leitrim
and this sweet fixer-upper has .47 acres with
a view near Aughnasheelin and Ballinamore.

(Price is currently 30k)

Nice amount of land and nice views!  Could
be a dream home one day! :)


How about a cottage that needs less work
but is more expensive?  

If you have been reading my blog you know
that I am so in love with this cottage. I have
been dreaming about it since the first time I
saw it.  It is much more expensive but is truly
what dreams (at-least for me) are made of.  

(Price is currently 79k)

As long as we are dreaming... and you know
how I love to dream about cottages... I would
have to say that If I had the money I would choose
option number 2! It makes my heart skip a beat!
It is my dream cottage and location all wrapped
up in a pretty red and white package!

But....house number 1 has loads of potential. 
If I had 30k and needed the time to save for repairs,
I probably would consider it as a good option for a
future fixer-upper.

Thanks for dreaming with me!


Thank you property.ie for allowing me to use your link
and images.

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Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Number 2 is lovely..but number one would be a gift..to it's memory and to your sense of style & grace! Dreaming is wonderful..dream on!!