23 February, 2011

I love me some Genealogy!! Hey that rhymes :)

I love genealogy as many of you know and
today I thought I would share my latest 
excitement with you.  

I have recently been introduced to my husband's
cousin in Canada (1st cousin 2x removed)...  and 
to make a long story short...

I had made an enquiry call to a person in Ireland
that I thought might be related and was then 
informed about a cousin in Canada that would
be in the know about the family. And boy was he!!

He was so kind to look at my information
and confirm that we were talking about the
same people.  So many years of wondering
what happened to this side was answered.

Here is some of what he share about  husband's
g-g-grandparents and their 13 children..

The g-g-grandparents remained in Donegal
and many of their adult children moved their
families, including husband's g-grandfather
and his kids, to the United States, Canada,
and Scotland.  A few went to California,
Texas, and New York.

The remaining children who did not move
to the States, Canada, or Scotland mostly
became farmers, and interestingly enough,
their children and grandchildren are still doing
that to this day.  I wonder if it is the same land?
How wonderful that must be!

 Cousin in Canada was also nice enough to
give us the addresses to many cousins 
(That would be 1st cousins x2 removed)
who still live in the same area in Donegal
my husband's Irish ancestor had.  Isn't that
exciting!!  I tend to get a little giddy when
I do family research and this just really
tickles me to no end!

On a sad note, I also learned that the
g-g-grandfather and 1 son and 1 daughter
all died of typhus in the Strabane workhouse.
How these poor people must have suffered!
It breaks my hear to think of it.  I have added

It was great fun piecing all this information
to my husband's family history and I even
enjoyed checking references to make sure
that all this information was correct....

How I wish my family genealogy search was
this easy.  I am really thinking of using DNA
testing to enhance my family search. 

Doesn't that sound cool! (That is a statement and
not a question as you can see. LOL!)

There I go again getting all giddy about the 
thought of digging into more genealogical
research!  I just love it!

Hmmm, now if I could only talk hubby into
taking another trip to Ireland to meet all
these new family members. SMILE :)


Jennie said...

Hi Kimme,
Oh my goodness; you've been busy!!
My Mom has started researching our family with the help of one of my cousins. They are getting pretty obsessed but it's really neat what they are learning. Found a German side to our family we never knew existed so that was a wild surprise.

Hope you are staying warm - we actually had a lot of snow here in Texas earlier this month. Ice, snow and no snow plows! It's Texas, who thought we would get that much?!? LOL

Take care and good luck with that DNA testing! :)


Kimme@Irish Cottage Dreams said...
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Kimme@Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Jennie!
Thank you so much for your comment. That is great about your mother's genealogy research. It can become obsessive! I am very good example of that. LOL!

I am doing my best to stay warm. Today is bright but cold. It is much better than the dark days we have had so I'll take it!