12 February, 2011

Neil Diamond coming to Dublin Aviva!! WooHoo!!

I am so excited that Neil Diamond is going to the
Aviva in Dublin!!

Y'all know how I love Dublin, west Ireland, cottages,
and Neil Diamond!! So you definitely know how
thrilling it is to think that he will be in one of my
favorite  places. :)

I have been listening to Neil with my mother since
I was a little thing in pampers! (Now I am not saying he is old or anything like that! :)
She would turn it up loud and we would dance
an sing around the house. I even remember sneaking
in the livingroom at night to watch The Jazz Singer
on TV... So dangerous!! LOL!
These are just a few reasons why I love his
music.... reminds me of the happy times when my
mother was still alive.  Good times!! :)

Neil Diamond tickets will go on sale on Monday
the 14th of February. The concert will be June 25th
at the Aviva in Dublin.  

Sadly, I don't believe I will be going. Between the
airfare and tickets I can't justify it with a child going
off to college.  Kinda a shame since we are so close
stationed here in Germany.   

But that is okay!  It is  just neat to know that he will
be playing in one of my favorites cities.

Instead I will celebrate on that date by doing one
of my favorite things... I will go out for the day with
hubby and hold hands as we always do when our
song Forever in Bluejeans plays in the car.

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