31 March, 2011

The Burren, County Clare

I am having so much fun designing shoes, cards, T shirts,
and all kinds of stuff from my Images and adventures I
have had in Ireland.  I am so glad I have finally found a
place that I can share my love of Ireland.

Here is my latest shoe that is made from an Image of
The Burren in County Clare, Ireland.  It is a Ked ladies
slip on shoe with a fun pink and grey design with a
shamrock on the outerside. The shoe features an 
actual image of the Burren stones with flowers. It is
too cute!  I am going to sport these all summer!!

I have also found some new cottages on my favorite
real estate sites and a few new floor plans. I will be
posting about them soon.

Thank you for stopping in. :)

This cute shoe and other unique Irish items can be
purchased at my store IrishCottageDreams - The Store.

29 March, 2011

Little Brick Beauty

Now isn't this one a cutie!!
What a sweet brick house with a pretty little yard.

I do like this one.... It appears to be a smaller home
but I think it is plenty big enough for a happy life.

In the region of 100K. 2 bedrooms.
Located in Tullaghan, County Leitrim.
Thank you again Property.ie for allowing the pictures.

You would think that I sell Irish Real Estate by my
current posts lately, but actually I just know what
I like, what looks like a dream cottage to me, and
what has a homey feeling.  

I have been thinking about Ireland lately.  About
the fun times I spent there roaming the
rural towns. The great times with my friends
there.....A hooley was had by all.

I have so many wonderful memories captured
in my gorgeous photos that I took over the years.

In them I can see the Ireland that I love. 
The Ireland that I want others to see.

That magical feeling you get when you are there...

So I decided to take my images and put them on
mugs, mouse pads, and note cards and such.  I 
made one for my husband with his name for work.
And one for me...   

And I also decided that I would share my images
with you.  If you would like to see my images you
can click on my storefront on the right or on this link
Irish Cottage Dreams store to be taken to my store
to see all my images and creations.  You don't
have to buy anything....I just want to share my
love of Ireland with you.  

But if you do, know that it is very much appreciated
and that my sales go towards my dream of an
Irish Cottage of my own one day.  

I really appreciate you looking.  Thank you. :)

And I hope you enjoyed my latest Cottage find.

Have a great week!

Street Sign. How neat!

So Neat!! One of my Irish mugs made it on a really
fun site that features products made by different
shops. Thank you Zazzle-rific!! :)


20 March, 2011

Green and White

Region of 100K, 3 bdrm, 1 bath.
Now couldn't you see yourself living in this cutie?
Add nice flower boxes and a little landscaping and this
would be a real sweet home :)

Doesn't his remind you of a fairy tale? So cute!

As always, Thank you property.ie

17 March, 2011

Traveling Ireland on a thin dime. Part 1

I am a chatter box and I often start up
conversations with whoever is around me.
I acquaint myself with anyone who is
interested in chatting and sometimes these
chats lead into why I am in Europe,
or at the market, or whatever.

And most times I will meet someone who 
is as friendly as I am, and we start talking
about favorite pastimes, hobbies, and 

But once travel is brought up all other topics
are mute to me! I love a good discussion about
travel! There is so much to learn from other
travelers. I am a traveler on the cheap and don't
mind sharing my tips on how to travel on a thin
dime to my favorite places. 

More times than I can count, Ireland will come
up and I will say how I travel there often.  
I have also learned over the years that this is
always of great interest to a wide audience and
I am often told how this is their dream vacation
destination.  How could it not be? Ireland has so
much to offer the traveler. 

 And it being a dream destination doesn't
surprise me. Ireland is gorgeous, Irish people are
viewed as being friendly, and the cultural and
heritage sites are amazing.  

So that makes me ask them why don't they go?

After weeding out all the standard reasons that 
people give for not taking any vacation, the 
final verdict is mostly that it is expensive.  

I will give them that. Dublin can be expensive... 
most big cities can be expensive. But the Ireland that
I visit is not.  I'll admit that I am cheap and that
I know how to stretch my money far, but I also
think that with a little research and ingenuity
anyone can enjoy Ireland on a budget.

I am not a travel agent, I have no experience
in the tourism industry, and I am definitely not rich.
But I do love a good adventure and enjoy 
travel more than anything.  

So how then do I take so many vacations on
such a limited budget?

Stay tuned for part 2.

04 March, 2011

real estate 2

An Irish Breakfast tea kind of mornin'

It is definitely an Irish Breakfast tea kind of mornin'!

Drinking tea and surfing Irish real estate.... Can't
beat that! (check out the cute house below! :)

Brrrr!  It is a very deceivingly beautiful morning out.

The sky is bright and from my window it appears
to be a warm, gorgeous day.  But it is not! 

I stepped outside in only a jogging suit and no jacket
thinking it would be warm.  It was a shock to my mind
and my system that it was so cold.

May have been wishful thinking on my part that the
cold gray days had been replaced with bright warm ones.
I guess that is partially correct... They gray day has
been replaced by a bright one.  I'll take it!  Sun and
cold are fine by me :)   

Anyway, Today I have a new cottage and info 
to share with you.  

As you know,  I have been watching the Irish
real estate market for some time and have seen the
prices go sky high, and as of late, drop to low low.

I have heard many people speculate that the housing
market has not yet reached the bottom.  It seems like the 
bottom to me, but I am no expert.  I am just a
girl who loves Irish cottages and Irish real estate.

Looking at real estate has become somewhat of
a hobby with me.  I love to watch real estate shows,
surf real estate on the web, and read about real estate.

I love Irish, US, and world wide real estate... I am not
too picky.   Every show or article makes me ponder
what it would be like to live in that location.
Interestingly enough, this has taught me that I could
live almost anywhere and be happy.

This powerful realization is a wonderful feeling
after being a gypsy for so long. :)

Here is a new favorite Real Estate find
this go around listed on property.ie

Thank you again www.property.ie for 
letting me show pics of your listings. :)

This 2 bedroom, 1 bath detached house on c. 1 
is listed for €99,999.

I love it because it is just so darn cute! Plus the
inside is very nice. Could move right in and
start enjoying the view and land.

That's it for me.  I am off to drink a wonderful cup
of Irish breakfast tea.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!