04 March, 2011

An Irish Breakfast tea kind of mornin'

It is definitely an Irish Breakfast tea kind of mornin'!

Drinking tea and surfing Irish real estate.... Can't
beat that! (check out the cute house below! :)

Brrrr!  It is a very deceivingly beautiful morning out.

The sky is bright and from my window it appears
to be a warm, gorgeous day.  But it is not! 

I stepped outside in only a jogging suit and no jacket
thinking it would be warm.  It was a shock to my mind
and my system that it was so cold.

May have been wishful thinking on my part that the
cold gray days had been replaced with bright warm ones.
I guess that is partially correct... They gray day has
been replaced by a bright one.  I'll take it!  Sun and
cold are fine by me :)   

Anyway, Today I have a new cottage and info 
to share with you.  

As you know,  I have been watching the Irish
real estate market for some time and have seen the
prices go sky high, and as of late, drop to low low.

I have heard many people speculate that the housing
market has not yet reached the bottom.  It seems like the 
bottom to me, but I am no expert.  I am just a
girl who loves Irish cottages and Irish real estate.

Looking at real estate has become somewhat of
a hobby with me.  I love to watch real estate shows,
surf real estate on the web, and read about real estate.

I love Irish, US, and world wide real estate... I am not
too picky.   Every show or article makes me ponder
what it would be like to live in that location.
Interestingly enough, this has taught me that I could
live almost anywhere and be happy.

This powerful realization is a wonderful feeling
after being a gypsy for so long. :)

Here is a new favorite Real Estate find
this go around listed on property.ie

Thank you again www.property.ie for 
letting me show pics of your listings. :)

This 2 bedroom, 1 bath detached house on c. 1 
is listed for €99,999.

I love it because it is just so darn cute! Plus the
inside is very nice. Could move right in and
start enjoying the view and land.

That's it for me.  I am off to drink a wonderful cup
of Irish breakfast tea.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

I **LOVE** it! You're right..looking at real estate can be sooo much fun! Do you have House Hunters TV show there? It's on HGTV and they even have a House Hunters International..which I adore 'cos they show homes all over the world! Have fun and enjoy your tea..but stay warm :-)

Mick T. said...

Nice to see housing prices approach reality! :)

Kimme@Irish Cottage Dreams said...

HI Colleen, I do have HGTV! It is an addiction really. :)
I just love all those shows.

It is still bright out today but very cold at 40℉. I am doing my very best to stay warm. Off to drink more tea!


Kimme@Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Mick, I think you are right. House prices were so crazy a few years ago and now it seems a bit closer to what they seem to be worth. But hey, I am no expert! :)

Last time I was in Kerry (2ish years ago) I asked store attendant about the prices and she said they were so high that no one could afford to buy a house. She was a newlywed who desperately wanted a home of her own with her new husband. I hope they have one now :)

Thank you so much for your comment. Love your Donegal blog btw.


J Burke said...

What a lovely little cottage - and what a great price! Just imagine what that place would have gone for a couple years ago. We bought our cottage in November of 2009 and thought the price was great, but I shudder to think of what we may have gotten it for had we waited! Oh well, we may have missed it!

Beannacht Lá Fhéile Pádraig!!

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Thank you JBurke for your comment. I know what you are saying about prices... I have been watching them for years now and can't believe the change.

Happy Spring!