29 March, 2011

Little Brick Beauty

Now isn't this one a cutie!!
What a sweet brick house with a pretty little yard.

I do like this one.... It appears to be a smaller home
but I think it is plenty big enough for a happy life.

In the region of 100K. 2 bedrooms.
Located in Tullaghan, County Leitrim.
Thank you again Property.ie for allowing the pictures.

You would think that I sell Irish Real Estate by my
current posts lately, but actually I just know what
I like, what looks like a dream cottage to me, and
what has a homey feeling.  

I have been thinking about Ireland lately.  About
the fun times I spent there roaming the
rural towns. The great times with my friends
there.....A hooley was had by all.

I have so many wonderful memories captured
in my gorgeous photos that I took over the years.

In them I can see the Ireland that I love. 
The Ireland that I want others to see.

That magical feeling you get when you are there...

So I decided to take my images and put them on
mugs, mouse pads, and note cards and such.  I 
made one for my husband with his name for work.
And one for me...   

And I also decided that I would share my images
with you.  If you would like to see my images you
can click on my storefront on the right or on this link
Irish Cottage Dreams store to be taken to my store
to see all my images and creations.  You don't
have to buy anything....I just want to share my
love of Ireland with you.  

But if you do, know that it is very much appreciated
and that my sales go towards my dream of an
Irish Cottage of my own one day.  

I really appreciate you looking.  Thank you. :)

And I hope you enjoyed my latest Cottage find.

Have a great week!


All things nice... said...

What a beautiful blog you have :) That cottage isn't too far away from me at home :) Just over in the next county.

All things nice...

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

All Things nice,
Thank you so much for your kind comments. I do love County Leitrim and County Cavan and tend to include houses from that area most of the time. I am still slowly working on having a house in that area.... we could be neighbors!! :)

warm regards, Irish Cottage Dreams