17 March, 2011

Traveling Ireland on a thin dime. Part 1

I am a chatter box and I often start up
conversations with whoever is around me.
I acquaint myself with anyone who is
interested in chatting and sometimes these
chats lead into why I am in Europe,
or at the market, or whatever.

And most times I will meet someone who 
is as friendly as I am, and we start talking
about favorite pastimes, hobbies, and 

But once travel is brought up all other topics
are mute to me! I love a good discussion about
travel! There is so much to learn from other
travelers. I am a traveler on the cheap and don't
mind sharing my tips on how to travel on a thin
dime to my favorite places. 

More times than I can count, Ireland will come
up and I will say how I travel there often.  
I have also learned over the years that this is
always of great interest to a wide audience and
I am often told how this is their dream vacation
destination.  How could it not be? Ireland has so
much to offer the traveler. 

 And it being a dream destination doesn't
surprise me. Ireland is gorgeous, Irish people are
viewed as being friendly, and the cultural and
heritage sites are amazing.  

So that makes me ask them why don't they go?

After weeding out all the standard reasons that 
people give for not taking any vacation, the 
final verdict is mostly that it is expensive.  

I will give them that. Dublin can be expensive... 
most big cities can be expensive. But the Ireland that
I visit is not.  I'll admit that I am cheap and that
I know how to stretch my money far, but I also
think that with a little research and ingenuity
anyone can enjoy Ireland on a budget.

I am not a travel agent, I have no experience
in the tourism industry, and I am definitely not rich.
But I do love a good adventure and enjoy 
travel more than anything.  

So how then do I take so many vacations on
such a limited budget?

Stay tuned for part 2.

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