08 April, 2011

Back in the village

Today I was back in my old village to visit some friends.
I knew I missed my old village but I didn't realize how
much until I drove down the beautiful lanes and up the hills
to see those amazing views. 

I was only a transplant in that village but my neighbors
never made me feel that way.  So many smiling faces were
happy to see me today. It was a nice feeling. I was happy 
to see them right back. That little village will always hold
a special place in my heart.

Here are some memories from those days.....

~I could have wealth beyond my dreams,
But where is the joy in that?
And I could travel the seven seas,
But I would always come back.
Everyone could know my name,
And there would be no peace.
I could have undying love,
And heartaches still increase.
No, if I were wealthy beyond my dreams
(And where is the joy in that?)
It wouldn't buy friendship such as yours --
And there IS joy in that! ~

Happy Spring to you!!!


Anonymous said...

Lovely view! You must miss this place.

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

I do miss it very much but it was time for a new adventure. :)

Happy Spring!