04 April, 2011

Cottage, land, floorplans?

Which to choose today?  They all have so many possibilities.

I am drinking my Irish breakfast tea, listening to Newstalk.ie,
and surfing Irish real estate this morning.  It is a nice day off.

I have been looking at a few really cute cottage/bungalows
and a few land sites for sale. I am not against maybe even
buying land with a derelict cottage on it that I can either
fix-up or leave to the side and build another cottage.

I do even have a few very old house plan books that I
could even possibly pull a floor plan from....

I guess, as always, it comes down to what I can afford.

These are just my rambling thoughts today.

Do you know of a cottage or house in Ireland that you
think I would like? .... or that you have seen on any of
the real estates sites and think it would be great for me to 
feature it here on my blog?

Here is a beautiful site I found today.....


It is pretty isn't it? I bet it would be a great
location for a pretty little cottage. I can see
a sweet one painted yellow placed there.

I am also working on a few more designs for my 
Irish Cottage Dreams Store... A few more T shirts
and a surprise item that I will post about later.

Happy Spring everyone!!


SusanC said...

Hi Kimme
Thanks for coming over to my blog and posting because it reminded me to visit you and see what you've been writing. :)

I love your photos and write ups of the various cottages. If I see anything I'll let you know. Now is probably a great time to buy too.

We used to live in a cottage in Offaly. I must see if I can find any photos and I'll post them up. I really loved that cottage. :)

All things nice... said...


Hope all is well with you. Have you looked up daft.ie website and do an advanced search for cottages? They have some lovely ones which I hope to post. I have also posted about another lovely irish site you'd like called former glory :) Hope you like.

All things nice...