27 May, 2011

Do I still dream? You betcha!!

Hello friends, I am currently in the Southwest caring
for my grandmother.  It was a long trip from Europe
but it was worth it to be here for her.

The other day on an outing I bumped into an old friend.
It was so neat to see someone I knew from the past.

My friend remembered my love of Ireland
(gosh, have I been talking about it that long?) 
and one of the first questions out of her mouth
was "did you ever buy a house in Ireland and are you
going to one day?" sadly my answer was no but I 
still dream of it.   From the expression on her face,
I know I must of lit up like a candle as I always do 
whenever I speak of Ireland and my Irish friends.  

I told her of my favorite town, my friends there, and the
area that I dream of for my Irish Cottage Dream. She 
also asked what I will do once I am there.... well maybe
I will sell some of my favorite products in a little shop or
I will fall back on a few talents... I am very resourceful :)
Getting the cottage is the starting point for a new adventure!

It was nice to see an old friend and for a moment I
forgot the stress that I am currently under with my
grandmother's situation.  And after I left, I went out
and bought a lottery ticket. (I don't normally do this..
I believe in hard work and kindness to others)
But I thought "what the heck!" I could sure use a
miracle now! I know If I won enough money to buy
a cottage I would just be beside myself with joy.
But I do know how unrealistic that is and I will just
continue to work hard and save.  It has been a very,
very long road....I am not giving up.

Latest favorite cottage....  Here you go!

I know it is a new one...unlike the fixer-uppers
I usually list, but it is a beauty and I could sure
see myself happily in the kitchen cleaning the
vegetables from the lovely garden on the property.

So what do you think of this one?

Ballinamore, Co Leitrim
3bdrm, 2 bath 110K
Thank you www.property.ie

May your right hand be stretched out in friendship
                      and never in want.


Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed that you will win the lottery.

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Thank you Val :) I didn't win but thank goodness that I don't give up too easily :)