22 May, 2011

They call it mellow-yellow :)

Yet another yellow house.  I keep finding these
little diamonds in the rough.  I see so much potential
in so many old or derelict cottages/houses in Ireland.

I would rather fix-them-up than rip-them-down!
Thank goodness there are many people out there that
have the resources to restore older cottages and are
doing a wonderful job.... but there are still so many
that need to be restored. Hopefully one day I will
be one of those people lovingly restoring an old
Irish Cottage :)

Here is my latest pick.  Enjoy!

Macroom, Co. Cork

Boreen Glass, Macroom, Co. Cork - Click to view photos
2brdm, 1 bath Region 50k
Thank you http://www.property.ie/
link to house


Jennie said...

I love it. My "happy place" when I'm losing my mind from stress is a little cottage not unlike this one. Nestled away in Ireland where the only sounds are birds and the snoring of my dogs.

Wishing you the best,

Irish Cottage Dreams said...

Hi Jennie, Thank you so much for your kindness. I always enjoying hearing from you. I hope oneday I too have a "happy place":) I am looking and I am saving....so maybe oneday in the future :)

Have a wonderful summer Jennie.


Anonymous said...

How darling! :-)